Oh Happy Day…

Yay for more happy moments today. Most of them were rather random, but still… they made me happy. Except for the loooong green party meeting tonight it was a very nice day. And the long meeting didn’t even bother me that much because the radio played an old Erasure song which I could sing along on my way home. I usually don’t sing along with the radio that much while I’m driving, but tonight I just felt like it :-)

I went to a copy shop to order 50 professional copies of our study and the guy was really helpful and nice, just like any customer would want the staff of any shop to be. He even offered to drop the copies of at our office without an extra fee, because it’s on his way back home anyway.

Starbucks at the Mayersche in Essen didn’t charge anything vor Vanilla flavour today. All trains were on time and later today I met another really nice (female) shop assistent, when I decided to act on whim and went ahead and bought myself a Senseo coffeemaker. They didn’t have any of the “first generation” on stock, so the one I bought was a bit more expensive. But I think it’s worth it.

I guess the thing that made me especially happy today was starting to read “Midnight Sun” during my lunch break. This story is awesome and I’m so sad, that we might not get it as a finished novel ever. What’s “Midnight Sun”? It was planned as something like book 5 of the Twilight series, although it’s not a sequel to “Breaking Dawn”, but the beginning of the story (the events in book 1) through Edward’s eyes. The vampire point of view.
Over the summer a copy of the unfinished draft (up to chapter 12) leaked and got on the internet. The whole story can be found at stepheniemeyer.com. Meyer is still upset about that and she doesn’t know if she will ever continue to work on it for several reasons. But to stop her readers from searching for that illegal copy on the internet or from reading it and feeling bad about it, because the copy is illegal, she decided to put the draft up her website herself. For anyone to download and read it themselves.

And it’s really awesome. I liked the first book the most, because it’s all so new and fresh and exciting and to see all of that from Edward’s point of view is fascinating. It’s such great idea of storytelling and it’s definitely more of a creepy vampire story than all original four books combined. Their classmates were so lucky that Bella’s first biology class didn’t turn into a bloodshed, because Edward…. had a really, really hard time to not act on his impulses. It’s almost scary to see it from his point of view and to read about his rather matter-of-factly thoughts about it. It’s really fascinating to see the events unfold from his perspective. I’ve read about 80 of the 264 pages now and I’m looking forward to reading the rest tomorrow. And probably part of it even later tonight…

And a  tiny software called GSView is pretty neat. You might want to remember that… :-)

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