Such a Lazy Weekend

Another 38 hours (or something like that) later I’ve finished “Eclipse” as well. I’m afraid with an ordinary week ahead “Breaking Dawn” will take a while longer :-) I didn’t really do much else besides reading this weekend. Ok, and grocery shopping, buying an office chair, doing the usual weekend household chores, studying for a bit and  and watching some TV/DVD. I liked “Eclipse” for the most part. I still love the totally casual way the vampire lifestyle is presented here and I still think Edward is too good to be true. But some parts of the story were just dragged out too long for my taste. All the historical stuff about the southern vampires and the old legends from Billy and the folks in La Push. And even the whole love triangle story maybe could have been told in a less repetitive way. I’m still looking forward to reading “Breaking Dawn” though, which I know I will start reading on my way to work tomorrow.

Among the TV/DVD stuff I watched was the first new episode of “Brothers & Sisters” which I liked a lot, I’m glad the Walkers are back. And while I was ironing two loads of laundry this afternoon I watched the first episode of “Journeyman”. It took me a while to get really interested, because it is sort of confusing and I’m not THAT big a fan of Kevin McKidd, that I would watch anything he is in. But in the end I liked this story well enough, so I’ll probably watch the next ones to and see if I’m getting really interested in the whole season. It really made me laugh though, that the kid he had tried to protect was some surgeon teenage prodigy who already saved someone with a tracheotomy, just like Owen Hunt did on Grey’s Anatomy :)

And now I’m off to bed, because spending a whole day reading is exhausting! And just for the record: here in my town it rained nonstop today which sucked. I usually step outside every day, even on weekends, for any reason, but today nothing could make be leave my dry apartement. This weather sucks and I’m already now dreading to have to work to the train station tomorrow morning.

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