The Glass Is More Than Half Full…

A few good news in times like these: I can still get the IVs at the neuro practice and I already had the first one this morning. The doc examination didn’t confirm my feeling and impression that this is a new attack, but as I’m the patient and I’m definitely feeling that something is wrong, he prescribed the cortisone [the dictionary says it’s cortisone even in english and not the complicate corti-something wikipedia article told me] right away. I forgot the chewing gum in my jacket, but another MS patient (on her 5th / last IV) had some for me. Good news also is, that I’m so lucky to have relatively mild attacks, compared what she told me about hers. And then we were joined by another MS patient, who started an cortison IV round today, just like me. A young women in her early 20s and she already had trouble walking. I’m so so lucky.

The side-effects already annoy me though. The icky taste in my mouth and the sudden weariness in my limbs, while I’m rather agitated inside, if you know what I mean. I usually walk pretty fast, but I had to slow down quite a bit, because my legt just couldn’t keep up. Especially as I was also carrying some groceries. I had some lunch at my Mom’s and kept her up-to-date on my health status and now I’m finally home. And while my limbs feels tired, my heart is racing. Not like it does from exhaustion, but more like something really exciting were about to happen. Which it isn’t. I guess I have to get used to that bipolar physical reactions for the next couple of days.

It’s such a beautiful sunny autumn day, so I will curl up in my comfy armchair in front of the window and start reading a historical novel trilogy I had on my To-Read-Shelf for a while now. In fact I finally bought part 3, which came out some time ago today after I left the neuro practice. If I can’t console myself with chocolate or sweets (because they don’t taste right) I can at least console myself with books to read :-)

Completely unrelated topic: The Cologne Sharks won 6:1 last night! Yay! The first period must have been really lousy, so I was almost happy I cancel the trip to see them in the arena. But they basically steamrolled the other team in the second period and lead 4:0 and I would have love to see that. I hope they will repeat a perfomance like this any time soon.

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