Grey's Anatomy 5.07 – "Rise Up"

As there isn’t that much to write about, it’s perfect timing that I don’t have much time. I plan to visit my mom in the hospital before I head to work at noon (or later). I have to work until about 6.30 PM and thus won’t be home before 8.00 or 8.30 PM (depends on if I have to take the train or pick up Bro2’s car and maybe I’ll drop by the hospital again, because I might literary miss my mom at noon as she still doesn’t know if and when some procedure is done today.) And then I have to prepare some things for my Starbucks Challenge tomorrow, which will keep me busy tonight and away from the computer all day tomorrow. So…
I’m starting to be really annoyed by the lack of Mer/Der screentime. Seriously, she is the title character and he is her boyfriend, why do we just get bookends scene with them? There was not one single encounter in between, right? And even the bookend scenes were tiny. I hope they are building up for a bigger storyline sometime later (soon!). Are there some sort of sweeps this year? I don’t know about the US TV market(ing) schedule and such.
This episode actually included a few things which could have triggered some serious Mer/Der talk, like the afterlife thing, which Meredith at least mentioned to her friends. The old guy giving CPR on the woman he loves, which was heartbreaking by the way, just like Derek once had to do on Meredith. Let them talk about the whole drowning thing some day, please? I’m a bit annoyed that Meredith shares the diaries with Cristina but not with Derek. It seems that she is still choosing her over him and I don’t like that.

When I saw the promo I was hoping that we would only get to see Denny in some flashbacks, but of course he had to be there. I loved his character and I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but bringing him back as a ghost every few epsiodes is getting really lame. It already was lame in the seasons premiere and it’s getting on my nerves. Let Izzie finally move on with Alex, please!
I liked the way they brought up the whole “stealing a heart” thing though, because I almost forgot about Hahn’s involvement in this. And I have to admit she is so so right about everything. It was a highly immoral and illegal thing to do and it’s even worse that the hospital covered it up. That’s what I thought even back then, but of course having to deal with realistic consequence wouldn’t have made for interesting drama and positive storylines, so of course they dealt with it in the TV show way. Which was ok for me back then, but Hahn does have a valid point. I’m ok with the way she exited the show though and how and that the Callie/Erica thing ended.

I didn’t like the chief “playing” with George. It felt like a cheap thing to entertain himself. The whole medical stuff was ok, not too thrilling or emotional, but ok. I liked the interns and the fightclub sort of thing and how Lexie tried to stand up to Cristina, because she really doesn’t teach her interns much. I LOVED Owen Hunt in this and I’m so happy he is on board. He definitely brings a freshness to the whole thing, and it was fun to see him be irritated by all the personal involvements and the disrespect some of the residents and interns show for their patients. They need to be set straight every once in a while. I loved how Cristina opened up to him later and I’m excited to see where that will lead them to.

My absolute favourite moments were the ones with Derek and Bailey and of course Derek/Mark. I always loved the weird friendship Derek and Bailey and their patient storyline was so sad. Derek and Mark in the elevator was a classic and Mark trying to hit on Cristina was hilarious. All these scenes made the episode worth watching, although there was some mediocre stuff in between.

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