Grey's Anatomy 5.10 – "All By Myself"

I still haven’t got myself a time-turner, so I better get right into working on the things of the to-do-list, without letting myself get distracted by rather insignifcant things. I liked the latest Grey’s episode ok. It wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t really good either. There are just too many little things that I find implausible or downright stupid.

Izzie/Denny? I have said enough about that already. Go away, Denny, please. I read a huge spoiler about this, which makes me not hate the story idea as much as I did before, but I still don’t care at all. It’s annyoing that according to this spoiler, this storyline only happens to give Katie Heigl some “emmyworthy material”, as she complained about the lack of that last year. There are a few more actors on the show, who would also deserve to get some emmyworthy material. Any material at all besides being dressed up in the whole neurosurgeon scrub gear and deliver a few lines or stand in front of the OR board being depressed out of the blue. Please, writers: Paddy used to be a main character on the show once. At the moment I’m under the impression that his screentime is reduced with every episode.
A few days ago I read some behind the scenes news/gossip and I don’t know how reliable this was, but there probably was something to it. The news was that one actor/actress was not in good graces with the writers/producers at the moment and that this dispute resulted in his/her lack of screentime. I was actually pretty sure this was about T.R. Knight, but after the last episode I wasn’t so sure anymore. It could have been about Paddy, although I have no idea what he could have said/done to piss of the writers/producers. With T.R. Knight the fans’ idea was, that he was mad about the way they handled the same-sex-storyline on the show. So I have no idea what was actually going on, but I know that I miss Paddy/Derek on the show. It feels like there are just too much (semi-)regular characters around, although that might actually not be the case. I tried to add up the number of charcters in season 2 or 3 and season 5 and there isn’t such a huge difference. But it still feels like it to me. Maybe it’s because Denny is taking up too much screen time. The more I think about it, that’s probably it :-)

I have huge problems with the whole hospital policy lately and I just can’t take the way this hospital is run seriously. All the attending voted for Cristina, although she was out of the running for the solo surgery and all the attendings certainly knew about that. Why was she even considered? It provided an entertaining storyline, but the whole thing with her having to choose the resident for the solo-surgery was so far-fetched. An amputation sounds like a pretty big surgery for a solo-surgery compared to an appendectomy, but maybe that’s just me. And no chief of surgery with his right mind would let a surgeon like Dr. Dixon run around his hospital un-supervised. She shouldn’t have been allowed to talk to anyone, how could the chief not do anything about that. And why was she at SGH in the first place? I just don’t get it. But I don’t actually care. Neither do I care about Sadie or any other intern.

Besides all the annoyance mentioned above the episode wasn’t so bad. The patients storylines actually touched me, especially the two sisters. Haven’t we all been there once? Probabyl not saying “I hope you die” to our siblings, but yell at them to just leave us alone and really mean it? Anyway, that was really heartbreaking. And I loved how much Meredith cared about that girl. She always cares about her patients and shows compassion and that’s one thing I really like about her. I didn’t like the way she expected Cristina to choose her for the surgery though, because it was presumptious and she had no reason to be. She made it personal, Cristina was right about that. Cristina was still wrong about that no-one deserved to win this, because they all failed to supervise their interns. Yes, they all failed, but she knew something was going on and still didn’t report it and that’s was her major fault. Anyway, I still hope the fight won’t be dragged out too long, because I actually like the Mer/Cris friendship, as long as Mer doesn’t neglect Derek or her other friends over it. I was happy to see a Mer/Alex moment, because they’ve always shared a special bond because of their messed up childhoods.
I loved Alex in this episode. He really made the best case when talked to Cristina and it was sooooo sweet when he went looking for Izzie and confessed his love for her. I so wanted to hug him and strangle Izzie! I was happy she showed up for the surgery later on and I keep my fingers crossed that Denny will go away soon and that she will realize how adorable Alex actually is.

I also liked Bailey a lot in this episode, trying to learn something new. I was worried about her, when she told Callie that she was just so tired about her job. Maybe she will quit general surgery and go plastics or at least become an ENT surgeon like Mark? Can she switch specialties so easily at this stage of her career? At SGH she probably can with their strange hospital policies and all- But the Mark/Bailey moment in the OR was really sweet. And it would really be fun if Mark would become some sort of mentor for Bailey.
I liked where Cristina and Owen are heading and I’m not talking literally,about the vent in the basement :-) But the fact, that he so clearly gets her and knows what to do to cheer her up. And that she lets herself be cheered up this way. We don’t hear Cristina giggle very often, do we? So that was a very nice change.

And of course there were Mark and Lexie. I was rooting for them since he teased her about secretly being in love with George. The sparks started flying there and for Mark they obviously caused some kind of fire. It was so much fun and so cute to see him try to resist her, even when she didn’t even know that her persence teased and tortured him. “She was in my space” Awww, so adorable. The hotelroom scene made me squee in delight. Mark was trying so hard to not be the “bad guy” and failed miserably. Yay for his lack of self-control. I’m really looking forward to see how that will work out for both of them and especially how Meredith and Derek will react, when they find out. So this storyline might even give Paddy something to do, when the show returns next year :-)

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  1. livingtruth77 says:

    Hello, I don’t know you but I’ve been looking for a fan blog on grey’s anatomy and I found yours … so yeah. =) I agree with almost everything you said except the thing about Lexie/Mark. I was amused by him trying to resist her and I was glad he was because it showed him FOR ONCE trying to do the right thing. BUT, we mustn’t forget who Mark Sloan is a manwhore. He doesn’t get into relationships, he just sleeps around. I highly doubt this sexual liason will turn into anything substantial. Either they will become sex buddies like him and Callie OR she’ll want more, he won’t and it’ll end

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