Sufferings of a Hockey Fan…

The hockey game tonight sucked. My team, the Cologne Sharks played in Iserlohn (my brothers team, and I usually like them as well, just not when they’re playing against us). Both teams are not at their best at the moment, The Sharks haven’t been at their best at anytime this season, which is so so sad and annoying and unbelievable. Iserlohn played well earlier this season, had some problems recently, but they are still among the top 10 in the standings and that was their goal. Even though their fans reach for more.
So the 14th (Cologne) in the standings played the 9th (Iserlohn) and that’s exactly how it looked like. It wasn’t totally bad, but it was just mediocre with bad moments. Quite a few bad moments actually So all in all… it sucked. The game ended 2:2 (what a suprise) and Iserlohn Roosters won in OT. Thank God we didn’t have to endure a shoot-out against them, because we usually lose shoot-outs. We lost our last game against Iserlohn in the shoot-out as well and their captain in the most crafty way totally defeated our goalie. It was painful to watch so I was glad we didn’t have to watch something like that tonight.

Anyway being a Sharks fan really really sucks at the moment. And the frustrating thing is, that there doesn’t seem to be any progress. The players still seem to play like they either don’t care if they win or don’t know how to play hockey anymore. But it’s highly frustrating.

I’m in need to see some decent hockey again and I might be able to do that for the next couple of days at least. A few days ago I read that the European sport channel Eurosport will broadcast some of the hockey World Junior, not live, but some of the games unabridged later one. Of course it’s broadcasted on their 2nd channel, which I don’t get on my cable. Too bad, I thought.
Just this evening I found out that there is a web broadcast of that 2nd channel as well, so I paid me 5 EUR for a monthly subscription. I had some problems doing that (which I don’t need to get into now and I probably won’t get the money back for the first of the two attempts to subscribe *g*) but it’s working now and so I will be able to watch some of the games. And hopefully see some decent hockey and see players who really fight and who want to win the game no matter what. I miss that with the Sharks at the moment.

Reading and writing about the World Jr. I realize that a whole year has indeed passed. In early January I was home sick with middle ear infection and I was cranky and bored and needed distraction from the annoying pain, so I spend my nights listening a Candian hockey broadcast of the semi-finale and finale of the World Jr, while I was chatting for a bit with sar_sunshine who was watching it all on TV home in BC. So this year I probably won’t listen to any radio broadcast but at least try to catch the recorded games later on. Especially the one shown on Tuesday: CAN – GER, because there is a Shark on the German team.

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