Grey's Anatomy 5.13 – "Stairways To Heaven"

The laundry is done, the apartment is cleaned. The rest of the stuff I should be doing this weekend has to wait a while. I had to watch the episode once more first and express my thoughts of the latest Grey’s episode. Which I LOVED. A LOT. Yes, it deserves Caps Lock this time… :-)

This episode or the whole three-episode-arc could easily have been the best episodes ever. Could have been, but haven’t been, because there was Denny. Who is here for Izzie and annoys the crap out of me. I could have been ok with this storyline if it had been done in 2-3 episodes. When he first showed up a zillion episodes ago, he delivered the same line. Back then I already said: Ok, she is dying or has some medical condition that might kill her. Izzie will realize that or Denny might tell her and with that saves her life and blablabla. That could have been done in 2-3 episodes without doing much harm and without the whole dating a ghost/having sex with a ghost crap. Huge crap. So I hope hope and hope that this crappy storyline is over now. Or at least soon. But I already hoped that back in early November. I have to admit thought, that Katie did a nice job playing desperate and angry Izzie. And I loved Denny’s voiceover. I usually like it, when they let someone else do the voiceover every once in a while.

Why are the new interns back on screen? Why are they talking? Taking away screentime from more important characters? Lexie is a bright girl, right? Can’t she just skip her intern year, and be a resident and join the old gang? And do these interns actually still have one supervising resident? Wasn’t Sadie an intern of Alex? Why is she kind of working with Meredith in this one and with George (and Callie) and the braintumor patient in an earlier one? I guess I shouldn’t pay attention or think about these kind of details… Sadie is redeeming herself, which is ok, but I still wonder what was her point to get on the show in the first place? George was almost MIA again. The chief definitely crossed a line by asking for this mans organs so bluntly. It was very unprofessional and he wonders why his hospital is #12? And why didn’t they even think of looking for organ donors at SGH earlier? They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble… But it wouldn’t have been so exciting to watch, I guess.

I know we already had a broken penis storyline in season 2, but this one was hilarious nonetheless. Mark of all people. He was adorable in his humiliation and pain. The way he said “please”? Freaking adorable. But why did they operate on him with an open gallery? So much for privacy of an attending. It was really sweet that Lexie just wanted to be there for him in the end. She is a good girl, we already know that and Mark definitely needs someone like her. It was fun to watch Lexie ramble in true Grey-style and to have Callie and Owen exam Mark. I don’t think Mark would let any other female doctor take a look at that. I can’t wait to see what happens when Derek and Meredith find out about this relationship.

I really like where the relationship of Cristina and Owen is going. And at what pace. Slowly and cautiously, but they are heading in the right direction. And it’d be nice to see a relationship starting without having sex first. That’s a first for SGH, isn’t it :-?) No doubt Owen needs somebody in his life, to talk to, to be able to live with and live for again. He was really nice, when he apologized and later, when he asked her out again. It always makes me giddy to see these different sides of Cristina. She is more caring with Owen, or caring more openly. And she is guarding her emotions less when she is with him and that’s lovely to see.

To see Jackson get worse and to see Bailey struggle with that was hard to watch. Great acting from Chandra Wilson especially in the OR with Derek and when she broke down later with the chief. It was so sad, because I care about Bailey so much and I want to spare her to loose a patient. Any patient and especially not a kid. When his mother started to say goodbye to him, I was close to tears.

Which leads me to William Dunn and Meredith and Derek. All in all this was such a great storyline in these three episodes. We saw the doctors struggle to make the right decisions and it was so difficult for at least two of them. Derek had made up his mind in his black/white view of the world. But Meredith and Bailey had not and they struggeled through this morally grey area of what to do. To cross the line or not. To see this struggle and to see Bailey and Meredith break down because of that, were really intense scenes. But that’s what I love Grey’s for.
It also was a great storyline because we learned about Derek’s past. We saw Meredith as the compassionate, but also still partially unexperienced person she is. We got Derek in true McDreamy-style. And most of all, we saw that their lovestory has grown into a functional relationship. They fight. But they still communicate with each other that. None of them is just silently sulking somewhere or ignoring the problem. They talk and in the end they are still in this. Both of them.

I don’t know how I would have reacted to someone like William. I don’t know if I had fallen for his charming ways, and let’s face it: Meredith did. To her he was acting like a nice human being, she could relate to him, with the talk about fighting with friends and all. Maybe it’s because she has been through a lot of crap and believes in second (and third and fourth) chances, that she didn’t despise him, like Derek and Cristina did. Meredith cares, that’s just who she is.
Did William really just played her to have some fun? He couldn’t physically harm her, because he was chained to the bed, but he sure could have harmed her on an emotional and psychological level. She isn’t the most stable person in these regards. I’m not 100% sure what his intentions were. I think Meredith and Derek might both have been right. William wanted to manipulate Meredith, because that’s just what he does. But I think he also didn’t want to die. He was scared of dying, I’m pretty sure of that. Maybe he really thought dying in the hospital was the easy way out and he actually changed his mind, when he realized that it would be a painful and long and agonizing death. And maybe he didn’t wanted to admit to that, so of course he acted like he actually had planned all of that. I really don’t know…
Would I have gone to see his execution? I don’t know that either. I might not be THAT compassionate and I don’t think I could stand to see another human being die. I’m sure that’s what made Meredith break down in the end. That and maybe the realization that she will never know what Williams intentions really were. Eric Stolz definitely deserves an Emmy for this.

I absolutely loved that there was so much of Derek in this episode and such a wide range of emotions. He was cute, when he arrived at the hospital and kissed Meredith. When he consulted Cristina about the ring and tried to fix things between these two stubborn women. I loved how much he understands this friendship and that he knows that Cristina would be the one Meredith wanted to freak out to, when he proposes.
I could understand his point of view about Meredith’s decision to let William die. I could even understand his reaction to Bailey in the OR. Bailey wanted him to not save / to kill someone. For a surgeon who took an oath to save lifes, it must be (or at least should be) impossible to now liberately end a life. I’m pretty sure if Bailey had been in Derek’s positions, she would have denied to end the life too. She is a surgeon and she took an oath. She said so to Meredith just a few moments earlier. Therefore it was right to force her to make the decision. It’s easy to say: let this man die, if you’re not actively involved in the operation. Standing there, staring into the man’s brain, holding a scalpel in your hand.. and then not to act and try to save this man? Not possible for a surgeon and thank God Bailey finally saw that too.
I loved that even though Derek didn’t agree with Meredith’s decisions (in the hospital and about the execution), he still was there for her. What I loved even more was, that he knew he had to get Cristina. I don’t mind that Derek himself didn’t manage to make Meredith stop crying, and that Cristina might. It’s not a competition between Cristina and Derek. Well it shouldn’t be and I’m glad that Derek obviously agrees. Sometimes a girl just needs her person instead of her boyfriend. And the boyfriend definitely deserves the McDreamy title, for knowing when to step back and let the person take over. Perfect ending to this incredible three episodes story-arc.

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3 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 5.13 – "Stairways To Heaven"

  1. graefin says:

    Puh, ja die Episode war ziemlich genial.
    Denny geht mir so auf die Nerven! Ich finde das auch einfach too much. Ganz nebenbei will ich gar nicht, dass Izzie krank wird. Denny soll einfach nur verschwinden!
    Bailey war grandios! Da konnt ich nicht anders als mitschluchzen. Einfach wahnsinnig klasse diese schauspielerische Leistung.
    Owen und Cristina: Sorry not for me. Ich mag den Typen einfach so überhaupt gar nicht. Schön für Cristina und auch wie es sich entwickelt. Aber Owen Hunt ist für mich echt ein rotes Tuch.
    Ja und nun nächste Woche keine Folge :( mannooooo.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Ich find den Schauspieler McKidd auch schon nicht so doll, aber die Rolle als solche ganz nett. Daher bin ich diesem Paar gegenüber doch ganz positiv eingestellt. Aber nix geht für mich über MerDer, mit Abstand gefolgt von Mark und Lexie.

  3. graefin says:

    Da stimm ich zu was MerDer und Mark und Lexie angeht. Für mich ist Lexie auch die einzige der Interns die soviel screentime einnehmen darf ;).

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