What did I do to deserve this… ?

I either did something wrong during my workout yesterday or when I lounged in my armchair last night… My lower back hurts again. Not all the time but at certain movements and then pretty much, which sucks. I hope the heat plaster will help a bit and I also hope that standing around at the hockey game tonight won’t make it worse. We’ll see… I’m scheduled for the back test at the gym on Monday, but I’m not sure if I can do that, when my lower back is not quite feeling allright. I’d love to be able to ask Callie Torres to fix it, she could fix a dislocated shoulder, she might also be able to fix some blocked vertebraes… :-)

Anyway, for those (two or more) among my readers who are doing Kieser Training as well, this is my program.

A3, B1, B7, F2, C3, C5, D6, G5.

Anyone who can’t decipher this code and still wants to know how I torture myself, can check it out here (english) or here (german). You’ll have to click on the various body parts to get to the various exercises.
I can’t remember the ninth machine at the moment and the tenth will be added after the back test. And I don’t remember the weights yet without my training plan at hand. It was only my third training after all. I could increase the weight at almost all of them yet, but I don’t know if I started with a high or low weight, so that doesn’t really say anything about my strength.
A3 and F2 are killing me every time. And I have to remember to use the entry aid to get off the machines or otherwise I’ll probably dislocate my shoulder some day :-) I enjoy doing the program though. It’s fascininating how much you can exhaust your muscle, if you just meet the right resistance. I never thought weight training would feel like that. Although I never thought about weight training in the first place…

Totally unrelated topic:  The latest Grey’s episode was awesome. Well at least I thought it was. Lots and lots of Derek. But I’m glad I’m kind of spoiled for future episodes, so that definitely “will help me sleep at night” and I don’t have to worry about the MerDer future… The review will be up tomorrow I guess, because I really should be doing other and more important stuff today. But I probably will lay down now for a while to rest my back :-(

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2 Responses to What did I do to deserve this… ?

  1. oceans77 says:

    Da du die F3 nicht machst, wäre mein Tipp, dass die Schmerzen im Rücken von A3 kommen. Da hab ich mir auch schon mal ganz übel im unteren Rücken was ausgerenkt. Deshalb hat meine Instruktorin empfohlen die schon vor Zeiten aus dem Plan gestrichen und seitdem ist es besser mit dem Rücken. Würde auch nicht empfehlen, den Rückentest zu machen zu lassen, wenn du Schmerzen hast. Da wird arg viel Druck auf den Rücken ausgeübt und wenn irgendwas nicht stimmt, machst du es nachher noch schlimmer.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Rückentest werde ich wohl auf jeden Fall erst mal absagen und am Montag erst mal versuchen bei einem anderen Chiropraktiker Arzt nen baldigen Termin zu kriegen. Und dann muss ich mal schauen wegen Trainingsplan Umstellung.

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