British Airways Flights 939 / 49

The flight leaves today at 12.30 pm in Düsseldorf, I’d have to get on the next plane in London and could be in Seattle at 4.00 pm (local time) today.

Yes, of course, I looked this up just for fun, but after watching the latest Grey’s episode I really really really want to give Derek a hug. This man needs to be hugged! Oh, poor, poor Derek. I admit that Meredith probably is doing a better job at taking care of him, but still… This episode left me with the feeling of desperately wanting to hug him. Once again proof that I’ve completely fallen for this guy. And once again proof, that Paddy can act, once they give him some decent script. More of it all later, becaue I really have some more urgent things to tend to now.

Info for any Grey’s / PP fans: It’s only Addison left in this Grey’s episode and the story arc ended, so I guess no Grey’s people on Private Practice. Though I haven’t watched that yet. It can and has to wait…

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