Chocolate Or Not?

I can’t give up White Caffe Moccha for almost two weeks. I just can’t. And I’m not sure if I actually have to, although I’m giving up chocolate for Lent. Because white chocolate isn’t really chocolate, is it? Because it doesn’t really contain the usual cocoa, just cocoa butter and sugar and… Ok, this reasoning might be far-fetched. But it’s reason enough for me to justify drinking White Caffe Moccha even during my chocolate free weeks. And going without chocolate is hard enough. And with this justification I went into the Starbucks this afternoon. I had to get a treat after work (assisting during a boring event / conference), an unsuccessful visit to IKEA and way too many annoying people everywhere around me.
Maybe I should try to just not get annoyed and pissed off during Lent instead of giving up chocolate. I will do my best to not let rude and stupid behaviour get to me that much. I don’t know how well that resolution goes when I can’t calm my nerves with some chocolate though :-)

There are a few more possible blog-worthy thoughts on my mind, but I’m too tired and lazy to get myself to write about that. Which is kind of sad. But just the way it is at the moment. I guess I’ll spend the rest of the night on “The West Wing”. So much more interesting than my boring life…

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  1. graefin says:

    Ich dachte an dich und den Schokoverzicht und habe es nur 1 Woche geschafft. Ich KANN einfach nicht ohne Kakao morgens. Es geht nicht.

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