Grey's Anatomy 5.14 – "Beat Your Heart Out"

I got done most of the phonecalls  this morning but messed up another assignment this afternoon, which lead to me being in a rather bad mood. Most of all, because there is noone else to blame than myself. I really have to get some coping mechanism, so that I don’t beat myself up too much about things like that. There are a couple of other things I planned to do, but didn’t get around to doing, which dampens my mood even further. Maybe I’ll be able to motivate myself to do some of the stuff later in the evening. When my sore shoulders and arms will let me do that. I really relly know what muscles I trained at the work out yesterday :-) As I know that writing the Grey’s review will always be in the back of my mind, I’d better get that off my chest first of all.

The episode was ok. There were quite a few things I liked, but just as much things I hated. (This will be unusual short… I don’t even know why)

I didn’t care at all about the sex accident patient. It was so boring. The staff (interns, Alex and in the end even the chief) handled that in a highly unprofessional. No wonder SGH is just #12 of the teaching hospitals. The chief still annoys me and he gave crappy proposal advice. I never thought Dixon would be back or is she a semi-regular now? Please not, this character is written in such an unrealistic way, it makes it hard to watch. I liked that she saw Bailey’s potential, but I could have done without the res . George was once more barely in this, although he had a few great lines in the MRI room. I felt like skipping forward all the boring Izzie scenes. I’m just curious how soon someone will find out that the blood samples were mixed up. Because the specialists on the oncology floor will take their own tests on this poor patient and find out that there is nothing wrong with her. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, although I really don’t care that much. But very good news: No Denny in this episode.Yay!

I really liked where Bailey is heading career-wise and I have to agree with Arizona on this one. To care that much is a quality and Bailey always cared so much. She would be great in peds. Talking about Arizona: What a great girl. I liked her from the start, she seemed really nice, but also like a great doctor. And she’s into girls :-) I read about that in advance (yes, I’m a spoilerwhore), but I found that scene in the bathroom very cute nonetheless. It was so wonderful to see these emotions on Callie’s face and I keep my fingers crossed that this romance will work out better than the whole Erica-desaster. I also liked the Callie-Mark talks, because I just like their friendship.
It’s about time Lexie put her foot down and asked Mark to be a couple in public. But I also understand what’s holding him back, because Derek’s reaction was so typical. Noone will take a Mark/Lexie relationship serious, and I guess he doesn’t know how to deal with that. He has a certain reputation and  this serious relationship is so contradicting it. But I guess the truth will come out sooner or later. Maybe Addison will help to sped up the process…

The thing between Cristina and Owen is still developing in very tiny steps, which I still like very much. It’s different from all the other relationships we’ve seen to have started on the show. I liked the idea of portraying them as a couple from a “Victorian romance novel” with stolen glances and all. I even liked the music and slowmotion at first. But it was dragged out and it was way too much the second time around. Lizzie and Mr. Darcy just don’t belong into scrubs and hospital floors :-) But all in all it was really sweet, especially their last scene. In every episode I can’t get over how Owen brings out Cristina’s female side. She is so different around him or because of him. Talking to Mer about him and all. It’s great to see those two talking again and the diary thing was really funny. Cristina had some of the best lines in this episode “Rock on Ellis” or “You’ll go blind reading this…”

And there was Derek thinking about the perfect proposal. This whole storyline was sooooo cute. Meredith and Derek both actually were. I’m so happy to see them in this stage of their relationship. When they are both ready for the next step, even though Meredith freaked out a bit, which I can totally relate to. I act like that quite often as well. Not with baby-talk or anything, but I tend to misinterpret other people actions/reactions and secondguess myself and all that. But she confronted him at the end of the day and this scene had me squeeing in delight. The look on his face and of course “I want your crappy babies. All of them!” *sigh*
But I have to thank Addison for calling when she did and ruining that moment with the roses and all. Because this setting had written disaster all over it :-) Seriously Derek, listen to Cristina, she know her person better than the chief or anyone. Meredith isn’t the grand gesture kind of girl. Or maybe she is, but the gesture still has to mean something and not be a cliche. And a bed of roses and a teddybear are soooo cliche. But I guess that was intended by the writers. At least that will leave it open to when and how the proposal will actually happen. I’d guess it will be in a moment, when neither Mer nor the viewers will expect it. Derek will probably do it rather spontaneously some day. I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

So, the MerDer moments were very enjoyable and so were a few other scenes. But all in all, this episode didn’t really impress me as much as the last few ones. The next few seems to be rather promising though, from whatever I can guess from the promos for the crossover event next week.

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  1. graefin says:

    Izzie: I like her and I liked the scenes with her but it already took so long to get rid of Denny and now it will take even longer until she finally knows whats wrong with her.
    George: I miss him!
    Cristina & Hunt: Hey, this was the FIRST time I liked the scenes with them! I loved this slow-mo moment on the floor and the last scene in the on call room!
    Mer: She was great and her look when everyone stopped talking as soon she approached the group.
    Derek: bah too much roses, too many candles! The heart would’ve been enough! I almost though he would propose when Mer said all about the crappy babies!
    Arizona: I also like her but I forget her name all the time :)

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