Grey's Anatomy 5.16 – "An Honest Mistake"

I enjoyed this episode immensely

First things first: It’s about time for the chief to retire. [I’ll get back to that at the end of this post]. Did he do anything to really improve the work of his hospital recently? No, he didn’t. Instead he is pouting because Bailey has made her own decisions and he protects an old surgeon even though this surgeon messed up? He really is getting on my nerves lately.

I’m relieved that the Izzie story is finally moving forward although I’m still fed up with the amount of screentime this already has taken. George was once again barely in this and I can’t blame T.R for wanting out of THAT contract. Or is his screentime limited because he wanted out in the first place? Either way, it’s frustrating. Give him something real to do and not just write a recommendation for Dr. Bailey. Who came up with the idea of that strange haircut, by the way? Chandra either wore a wig or got extensions and I didn’t like it at all. Just because the one ped surgeon has bouncy curly hair, doesn’t mean Bailey has to get that too, does it? Arizona should get back to the curls soon, because the straight hair sucked. But enough about haircuts.

I was a bit disappointed in Arizona and the way she turned down Callie. I kind of understand why she did it, but I still didn’t like it. I think they would make a great couple. The scene in the bar was so typical Callie and as much as I felt bad for her I was happy to see her get her mojo back. Even if she once again made a fool of herself.

I’m not sure what to think of this old female surgeon, Dr. Campell. I think the chief should have acted differently [another reason to wish for his retirement] and I was a bit confused that we have never ever heard of her before, when she is supposed to be working at SGH for ages and be someone like Ellis Grey. Well, older and maybe even better. Anyway, that was kind of strange.
I liked the background of this story though, because it fit well to the background of Derek’s storyline. Making mistakes as a surgeon, dealing with the fact that you are only human even though you sometimes think you are a god. And to deal with this discrepancy. I also liked what this storyline meant for Cristina and her relationship to Owen. I was glad to see a rather normal Owen for a change. No emotional distress or breakdown of any kind. Their last scene at Joe’s was soooo sweet. They make such a cute couple, dysfunctional as they both are. But really cute together and I hope they will even be cute together in 40 years.

Addison was ok in this episode, she was more like the Addison I used to know from before. But things have changed in Seattle. Mark isn’t bringing her coffee and Meredith knows Derek better than she does. There was was a signifcant moment after the fight when Alex keeps her away from Derek. Because really, it’s not her place anymore. “It’s her guy…” Awww, Alex, I love you. Not just for that, but for the whole wonderful friendship he has with Meredith. They are so much alike in so many ways and I’ve always loved their banter and so I did in this episode. But he didn’t just banter, he also stepped in, when she needed his help with giving Jen’s husband an update. Even though Alex disagreed with Meredith he still had her (and her boyfriend’s) back and I just love him for that.

And then there was Mark, who I really felt sorry for in this episode. He did try to tell Derek about Lexie, but Derek obviously can’t imagine Mark having thoughts about any kind of serious relationship. And when Mark finallly talked to him he had chosen the worst moment he could choose. But he couldn’t know that Derek was in the “lashing out at anything” mode in that moment. Ouch! He looked adorably cute when Callie took care of his injuries. And Lexie was really cute in that coffee scene as well, talking about dating “Anne Frank” and wanting the Germans’ to kiss her ass :-)

I really really liked the voiceover in this episode, because it was so true. I’ve had to deal with a lot of medical emergencys and some serious medical stuff during the past 18 months. And of course I believed that all the doctors knew what they were doing and did a perfect job and never make mistakes. I had to believe that or I would have gone mad. Of course rationally I knew that these doctors were only human, but nonetheless I prefered to believe otherwise. You just have to, when you’re in a situation like this. But of course it makes it all the more tragic, when something goes wrong and people die. When doctors aren’t perfect and when they make mistakes.

I was rather fond of this couple, they were a really nice people and it broke my heart to see their world come crashing down bit by bit. Derek was probably just as fond of them and he really wanted to save Jen. I think it was more than feeling responsible and wanting to fix his mistake from the first surgery. I think he really wanted to save her, because he just liked her. Derek generelly likes people and cares about them and I guess that’s one of the reasons why this hit him so hard. Well and of course that he rarely makes a mistake, especially not one with these consequences.

I’ve been waiting for a really Derek-centered storyline for ages now and the show didn’t disappoint me. He is so far from being perfect. He is no McDreamy (well at least not all the time), he is no God. He is human and he makes mistakes and he has such a hard time dealing with the aftermath. There was a scene in an early episode of this season, when Derek admits to Meredith, that he is so sick of his patients dying and I think that already foreshadowed this development. I’m sure Meredith was right, when she told Addison that the deaths of the trial affected him deeply. He so desperately wants to save lifes. I don’t even want to try finding reasons for this kind of behaviour (his murdered dad, Meredith drowning), because that all could just be guesswork. But the fact is, that I’m sure he takes it very personal when he can’t save the lifes, he is supossed to save. And that he screwed up in the first surgery makes it even worse, because of course he blames himself for that.
I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed the lot of Derek screentime we got in this one, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the adequate words. Somebody else did that for me in a looong review, which I wholeheartedly agree with. So if you’re interested and have the time: go and read Morgen’s review of this episode.

Anyway, my heart broke for the devasted Derek, who was even called a murderer, he of all people. When he was sitting there with Jen’s husband, I really just wanted to hug him. Derek, that is, not the husband, although I felt sorry for that guy too. But still… poor Derek. I just wish he would have found another way to let out his anger (at himself, the world, God or whatever) than by punching Mark. Because this fight wasn’t about Mark. Or Lexie or anyone else. It think it was about Derek being angry at himself and just having to lash out at the first best thing that came his way. Which in that case happened to be Mark. Poor Mark :-)

I think it’s time for someone (Derek, the chief, the writers *g*?) to remember why he came out to Seattle in the first place. Yes, he wanted to get away from his adulterous wife, but he also came to Seattle because he was promised the position as chief of surgery. And then he fell in love and a lot of things happened. But I think it’s time for Derek to consider a little change in his professional life. As chief he could still be an important part of the neurosurgeon world, operate, teach others to operate and all that. But maybe he should get away from it on a daily basis. Besides… the recent chief really really should resign soon [like I already stated at the top of this post]

I loved to see that Meredith has grown so much over the last few episodes. She is committed, she is in this relationship and I loved how she is trying to take care of her boyfriend the best way she can. Offering to bring him some coffee. Explaining Derek’s actions to the ex-wife, because by now she knows him much better than the ex-wife does. Defending him to Alex and her friends. Standing by his side, when he almost lost it during the surgery. Trying to calm him down, when she made him look at her. Answering Jen’s husbands questions about her death, when Derek is so clearly at loss. Tending to his wounds after the fight. She was just such an amazing girlfriend. And yes, it would have been nice if they had talked about that crappy day at the end of it, but I guess that will have to wait. Just pouring him some liquor, let him get drunk and forget the crap for a while and just being there with him in his darkest hour… how much more perfect can girlfriend be ?

I hate that there will be a three week break now and hope for some fanfictions about broken Derek to keep me entertained till the next episode. The next episode on March 12th will be “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and one of the episodes after that is titeled “Elevator Love Letter” Both titles sound really promising, don’t they?

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