Grey's Anatomy 5.16 "Before And After" (+ Parts of Private Practice)

I hate too be this busy and sadly I have no idea when my schedule will lighten up a bit. I still want to review the latest Grey’s (+ the Grey’s parts on Private Practice) though. To keep it shorter than usual I’ll try to not dwell too much on the things I didn’t like.
This episode felt weird to me. Not necessarily bad, but weird.

It was strange to see the Oceanside people roaming the floors and interacting with the Grey’s people. I usually like Sam and Naomi and Addison of course. But I had some problems with this episode being so Addison centered. I probably should have expected that because the crossover event takes place to lure more viewers to Private Practice. But it still felt very weird. It felt like Meredith was hardly in this and she and Derek barely had a moment together, except for her assistance in the surgery. What bugged me most about Addison in this episode was, that she didn’t seem like the Addison I got used to on Private Practice. She was too emotional, too depressed and I don’t know. She dragged me down a bit.

I liked the “theme” of the episode a lot. Moving on with your life and dealing with the change. I thought the way it was mirrored in the various characters’ storyline was very well done. I felt sorry for Owen’s ex-fiance, even though she was way too happy and sunshine-y for my taste. But she obviously cared about him and couldn’t see that he obviously also cared about her just as much, but that he knew she couldn’t deal with the man he turned into. The scene in the oncall room with Cristina broke my heart and I’m so happy that Cristina sees the real him.
I liked the few Meredith and Cristina moments (“Ask him if he plays the guitar”) and I even sort of liked Izzie in this one. At first I thought the game would turn into a disaster (both for her and for me as viewer) but it was entertaining actually. George had some more lines and Sadie is finally, finally gone! Yay! This makes me almost as happy as the departure of Denny. I guess Sadie came to Seattle to show that Meredith has grown as a person over the last few years and I liked that (theme and all) but did Sadie really had to stay on the show for half a season just to prove that? Anyway she’s gone now…

I was a bit disappointed of Alex, when he talked to Addison. How can he think of running, when he so clearly loves Izzie and knows that something is wrong? I guess it’s perfectly in character for him, dark and twisty as he is, but I thought he had gotten over this. That Izzie helped him to get over this. I enjoyed seeing him talk to Addison though. I loved to see Mark growing up more and more. The two scenes with Lexie were great. And I enjoyed the scenes with Bailey and Sam immensely. Sam should come back for a visit on his own some day :-)

The abscene of MerDer interaction probably is the only thing I can complain about concerning the Derek scenes in this episode. Because I actually loved his scenes a lot. There is so so much Derek on the show recently and I just love it. Just like Meredith we never knew what kind of person he was before he came to Seattle. It’s weird to see parts of this person when he interacted with Sam and Naomi and when they sung this horrible love song in the bar. It probably took Meredith to bring out the McDreamy in him :-). But it was nice for a change to see , that he has changed and grown as a character as well. And then there was so much of Derek in all these different emotions because of Archer’s surgery and Archer himself and because of the pregnant woman’s complications and his very big god-complex. Which Addie actually fed before, when she begged him to save her brother, so I was a bit pissed at her, when she accused him of having a god-complex later. Anyway lots and lots of Derek is always enough for me to make an episode enjoyable.

Wow, that was really short for my standards…

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