My Night With Edward & Benjamin…

I’m so exhausted. And I dread the next week, because it will be just as busy as this one. Which was partially my own fault. I could have used yesterday to chill and relax. But instead I went to Cologne and watched TWO movies in a row. Which was fun though and entertaining and I don’t regret it. We rarely have the chance to watch movies in the original (undubbed) version around here and a cinema in Cologne is showing the original versions of “Twilight” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” so we decided to watch both of the movies on one day. Due to my exhaustion these will be short reviews.

I loved the Twilight book series. Well, the first book especially (the last not so much). I fell in love with Edward pretty fast and I loved reading Bella’s view of him and the world, her thoughts and feelings and all. Yes, it was repetitively, but I didn’t mind at all. And I know some (most?) might disagree, but to me the movie didn’t do the story told in the book justice. I liked the movie and enjoyed watching it, but maybe when it comes down to it I’m more of a literal person than a visual one after all. I can’t really explain what I thought was missing, but something was. To me at least. And of course there were some rather stupid special effects. But of course there also were a lot of really cute and great scenes of Edward and Bella. Or just Edward himself :-) And I have to google the actor playing Jasper, because he was pretty cute too.

After that we watched Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button and Brad was soooo awesome. And so was the work of makeup department and of course the digital post-production. A 20 year old Brad, with smooth skin and no wrinkles just looks delicious every time. But so does the 40 year old :-) It was so strange to recognize Brad even in the face of the 60 – 80 year old person. And he did such a great job acting as this old, shaky and crooked guy. Of course this also applies to Cate Blanchett, but as I don’t lke her that much, I don’t care that much.
The movie itself was great as well. The various adventures of Button could have been shortened a bit and I definitely didn’t need the whole storyline in the present time, in the hospital with hurricane Katrina on its way. It all could have been left on the cutting room floor and I would have gotten a bit more sleep :-). 170 minutes is loooong for a movie, especially when you’ve already watched another one before that. But apart from that, I really enjoyed the movie. It was touching and funny and emotional and offered some wisedom. Perfect combination.

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