The West Wing – Season 2 Finale

I managed to squeeze in the last episode of the West Wing’s season 2 this evening before I’m off to my own political business. And OMG do the writers know how to write amazing season finales. Season 1 ended with a bang and even though it’s pretty obvious how this showdown will turn out, it was just an incredible episode. “Brothers in Arms” gave me goosebumps, because it’s such an incredible song and it fit so perfectly. And the whole sequenze was very well directed and filmed and written and just. WOW!

I guess I will put in episode 3.01 when I’m back from the meeting later tonight, even though I have to get up early tomorrow. Well, maybe I can restrain myself. But maybe not. 3.01 is the “9/11” episode, so it’s probably going to be just as intense. Maybe I should keep waiting to watch this, until I have some more free time and not so many things on my mind.

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