Sunday Thoughts…

I was supposed to be at an “International Women’s Day” event this afternoon. But there seems to be cold heading my way so I decided to skip this event and stay inside. I can’t borrow Bro3’s car today so I’d have to walk to the venue, where this takes place and there is no way I’m going to do that, because it’s terrible rainy and cold weather here today. So I thought I might write a short (or not) post about what’s been keeping me busy.

I spent a few hours yesterday and will spend some hours today with putting together our (Greens) review and criticism of the municipal budget, because it will be discussed in the various committees next week. I also should work on my part of the election programme once more. And finally iron the stack of clothes lying around.

On Friday I went to the Cologne Sharks season farewell party. It was such a crappy season and still a lot of fans turned up for that. Just like we did. We’re probably to nice and to forgiving :-) I don’t know… it would have felt weird to not go and say goodbye. Hai_di got a couple of autographs on her beautiful Sharks calender and I was able to have some pictures taken with some of the players. The nice ones. And the good looking ones. Sadly that already was the end of this hockey season for me. Which feels very very strange. The next games I’m going to be interested in watching are the World Championship games in May!!!

I don’t know why I decided to have a look at my housing cooperative’s list of available apartments yesterday evening. I was thinking about maybe moving into a bigger apartment  this year, because I’ll finally have paid off my student loan debt in May and thus will have an additional 105 EUR in my monthly budget. The plan always has been to use this to afford a bigger apartment. I’m still living in an 34 m² (1 room, small kitchen + bathroom) apartment, which was ok in the beginning but to have a bit more space and two seperate rooms would be nice for a change.
I knew it probably won’t be easy to find an apartment in our small town that suits me, because there are a few conditions. I don’t own a car and I don’t plan to buy one (I couldn’t really afford it anyway and I neither want to) so I need to live in walking distance of the city centre (shopping) and one of the train stations. And I’d prefer to also live in walking distance of my family, because I’d still like to borrow Bro3’s car every once in a while :-) My current apartement fits all these conditions
So I decided to check that list yesterday, just to get a first impression and… there was the seemingly most perfect apartment available. 50 m², 2 rooms, bathroom + large kitchen, affordable rent and most of all a perfect location: between city centry and the main train station and not much farther away from my family than my current apartment. It would just be the opposite direction. OMG, this would be perfect. So I have to call the cooperative first thing tomorrow morning to ask if the apartment is still available. And then I’d have to fix an appointment to take a look at it and  I’d probably have to decide rather quickly.
To move out of the spacious home of my family into my own tiny apartment a few years ago was a rather quick decision as well and I never regreted that. Sometimes these spontaneous decisions are the right and even the best ones. So I might cancel my vacation plans for the summer and spend the money on moving instead. Thank God I didn’t book any vacation yet. Keep your fingers crossed that this chance is as good as it looks and that it all will work out for me. Which would be really cool. It would require moving frightingly soon, but it’d still be cool.

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