Thoughts Swirling In My Head…

It would be reasonable to go to bed now and try to balance my sleep deficit. And I will got to bed early tonight (after I will have watched yesterday’s Grey’s episode once again). There are so many thoughts on my mind right now, but too litte time and too little ease to properly write about them. I’d have to sort them first, which I’m not capable of at the moment. Thoughts like the following, which are in a totally random order…

  • There still is the Thursday’s pile of dirty dishes in my sink
  • I understand much more French than I thought. Well, at least if the speech / conversation deals with issues and topics I know something about. Maybe it was the right decision to learn Latin in school 20 years ago, because it all comes down to that language after all
  • Some people get on my nerves very quickly
  • “The Killers” concert was AWESOME! So worth the lack of sleep
  • I still really have to work on my self-esteem
  • Statement of the day: “problème” sounds so much nicer than “problem”
  • I hope my wobbly legs are just caused by overexhaustion and not by some neurological deficiency
  • I have no idea where to start with getting things done tomorrow
  • But I nonetheless look forward to meeting friends in Cologne in the afternoon and see some literature / reading event in the evening
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