Lots and Lots of Fangirly Flip Outs

To be exact: Flip Outs about Paddy, Hockey and LOST 5.11…

I’m kind of feeling better today. Good enough for two entries in fact. I actually wanted to post this one yesterday but then I felt pretty sick-ish in the evening and didn’t get around to it. So this is the first and consists of fangirly flip out only.

If you want to understand why I like Patrick Dempsey so much, you might want to listen to a 10 minute radio interview he did last week. He is just such a down-to-earth guy, humble, nice and funny. I don’t share his love for racing, not at all, but I love that he can get so enthusiastic about it,. That he is a person who still can get enthusiastic about something other than fame and being a hot-shot and all. I had to smile when he said, that he’d love to meet Eric Bana. I’m sure they would have a lot to talk about. Paddy also confirmed that he’s got the movie rights to “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. Cool! And I also loved this part of the interview [Yes, I was kind of bored yesterday but still not fit enough to do some real work. Transcribing was all I could handle]

Radio Guy: Did you like “Days of Thunder”?
Paddy: (laughs) You know, I wanted to like it. I think it’s funny, you can’t take it seriously when you’re racing
Radio Guy: Wait a second: when you say you “wanted” to like it? You thought it sucked?
Paddy: I can’t… those are your words, not mine.

He also talked about his wife and I really wish female fans and more important papparrazzis would listen to what he has to say:

Radio Guy: Does your wife get annoyed about all the females throwing themselves at you?
Paddy: I think it’s disrespectful to her when we’re out. It’s very difficult and I don’t like to see that, I don’t want to see her get hurt. I want her to feel special and that she’s the one. Because she is. The success that I have is certainly because of my relationship with her and our children together, so that’s the only thing I ask: Just be respectful to her, when we’re out.

And they shared stories about being parents of twins, because Radio Guy has 5 year old twin girls and the interview ended with this:

Radio Guy: Selfishly, do this for me on the way out. In a sexy McDreamy way just say Hi to my wife Abby for me, ok?
Paddy: Hi Abby, Hello. I’m sorry I’m not talking to you, but it was a pleasure talking to your husband and I’m glad you’re watching the show.
Radio Guy: I might get lucky tonight, Patrick…
Paddy: Good luck..
Radio Guy: And as a married man with twins you know that doesn’t come very often.
Paddy: Yeah, you have to take those moments when you get them…
Radio Guy: I’m going to take one tonight, courtesey of you.

Some more giddy fangirly flip out happened yesterday afternoon, when I had turned on ESPN America for background noise. They were showing various hockeygames from the day before and you might call me a nerd, but I just love that sound. Of skates on the ice and pucks being shot and opponents being checked to the boards. Plus all the english speaking reporters being all excited about the game. Yay. Very cool background noise to live with.
Of course I also looked at the TV screen every once in a while and during the game in Toronto my heart did all these extra leaps. But in a good way. They’ve just got such cool jerseys and they’ve got their cool logo on center ice and on the boards there were all these ads for Canadian companies. Air Canada. Rogers. Tim Hortons. Almost a year ago I was in Toronto myself and I enjoyed it so much. So, yes, totally nerdy giddy flip out about canadian ads at the Air Canada Centre.
I also had the Habs game on later that night and I’d have to say: This crowd has probably been the loudest I’ve heard so far. Very impressive. And of course the team didn’t play to shabby either. I was happy to see Carey Price performing well. Because ever since I read about and saw him (on TV) during the trip last year I liked him. A lot. I always had a thing for goalies. And he is a good one.

This afternoon I watched the new LOST episode and OMG!!! I’m still very very impressed. I didn’t like the whole time-travel-concept that much yet, but I just loved the way they adressed it on the show. The scenes with Miles and Hurley? Best dialogues ever. Well in a long time. I still don’t have any idea how this all will end or be solved, but I love that they are keeping it interesting and surprising. I love how much the characters have changed and with that also the dynamic among them. Sawyer being the one in charge and trying to fix things, Jack being the opposite. Kate still a bit torn between those two but clearly tending to Sawyer now. Did Sawyer really mean that he’s doing this for Juliet and not for Kate?!?! Can’t be, right? I like Juliet, but I always pictured her with Jack, even in the long run.
I think what I’m freaking out about the most is the fact, that in the end Jack is indeed responsible that Little Ben turned into Big Ben. He refused to operate and save the kid, because he thought that would prevent the “future” from happening. Which lead to Richard saving Ben and turning him into one of “The Others”. Which lead to “future” happening. This is such a cool idea. You just can’t change the future/past or mess with time. What happened, happened. Best episode title ever.
Maybe my mind is too creative, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Little Ben were indeed saved with a surgery. Performed by… Dr. Shepherd sen. Maybe it’s a totally crazy idea, but I almost expected him to be wherever Richard carried the boy to. Maybe Christian Shepherd will show up next week. Or maybe not at all :-)

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  1. Lindsay/LJ says:

    That interview was SO adorable. I do love how he really adores his wife and family – if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be the Patrick we love…

    Go team Jillian! :D

  2. liljan98 says:

    I’m glad your on Team Jillian as well. A lot of fans seem to not like her, because she seems to be not that “outgoing” on red carpets or whereever. But he is so in love so she has to be someone special :)

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