My Busy Life & Grey's Anatomy 5.20 – "Sweet Surrender"

I’m so busy at the moment it’s not even funny. I go to work, I take care of some stuff for my local Greens and I’m working on my termpaper(s). So there is not much to write about, which wouldn’t turn into a long and whiney “OMG I don’t know how to deal with all that” post. I was trying to squeeze in some hockey on TV somwhere on the busy schedule, which might be another reason why my schedule is so packed. Staying up late to watch NHL playoffs or to wake up early (not to mention in the middle of the night) to watch some NHL playoff, messes with your sleeping schedule. But it’s fun to watch it. Well, most of the time.
I was/am rooting mostly for all three Candian teams, because… well, they are Canadian teams :-)! My favourite – the Montreal Canadiens – lost their series 0:4 to Boston. The Vancouver Canucks won their series 4:0, the Flames lost the first two games, won the third and fourth, so this series is tied. I don’t have a favourite team among the US teams, I’m rooting a bit for the San Jose Sharks, because they’ve got some German players and also for the Carolina Hurricanes because they’ve got another German player – Dennis Seidenberg – who was one of the nicest and best looking players on Team Germany at the world championship in Halifax last year. We met him at the Scotia Square mall once and had a chance to talk and take a picture and all… Oh, well good old times (a year ago *g*).
Talking about the world championship: This year’s started today and Germany lost the first game against world champion Russia. It was to be expected and Germany wasn’t playing that bad (even though the result 0:5 seems to indicate otherwise). But Russia was just a league of it’s own. We have to beat France on Tuesday and it can’t hurt to get a point or more on Sunday against Switzerland. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I haven’t watched much TV during the last two weeks, being busy and all. But of course I had to watch the latest Grey’s this morning. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my termpaper, if I didn’t write my review first….

It’s great to have Grey’s back and I enjoyed this episode a lot. Although I have some problems with the show turning into some kind of Stevens’ Anatomy once more. I felt sorry for Izzie, when she found out about her cancer and even in the episode after. But the way she was dealing with it in this episode bothered me. I get that the whole point was to show us that she doesn’t deal with it (until she collapses) but it felt weird to me nonetheless. Her jokes weren’t really funny and I guess my main problem is that she does not want to deal with her cancer. Anyway I was annoyed by her storyline pretty fast. Is it wrong for me to kind of hope that she will die in the end? I would feel very sorry for Alex and maybe I’d even miss her as part of the original “magic” intern group, but the character has been ruined for me most of the time in the last two seasons. I don’t know… And the chief definitely has to go away. Anywhere but SGH, please. I guess my strong dislike is caused by the promo for 5.21, because he wasn’t that bad in the recent episode. He wouldn’t have been missed either :-)

Besides that I really liked the emotional rollercoaster ride this episode put me through. It was sad to see Meredith and Cristina and Alex worry about Izzie. It was sad to see Cristina avoid Owen and it was hard to watch him break down in therapy. It was so so heartbreaking to see Bailey at the dying girl’s bedside. She is going to be an amazing peds surgeon, because she is not just a great surgeon but such a caring and loving person. I’m so happy that Arizona sees that in her too. I loved Arizona in this episode. I love her. Period! It was wonderful to see how she was there for Callie, after she fought with her dad. It was fun to see him put George and Mark to the wall.
I was so happy to see some more of George and at first I was surprised about this development, but then I realized that Owen is right. George is great under pressure, he’d make an excellent trauma surgeon. He is the “heart in the elevator guy” after all. It was heartbreaking but also wonderful to see Alex admitting that George kicked ass. Heartbreaking, because Alex is going through so much with Izzie right now and could use some of George’s strength. But also wonderful to see how much Alex has grown to be able to admit something like that. And to see this friendship between guys. Talking about friendship between guys. Derek and Mark. Their fight was rather entertaining in all it’s immatuarity and childishness. How they tried to put Lexie in the middle of it all. And in the end they just got over it and moved on. So typically male without a lot of apologies and serious talks and all. I liked that, because the fight was rather stupid to begin with. I just hope that Derek will rethink his decision to make the chief his best man. The chief? No way…

And then of course there Meredith and Derek. I loved the bedroom scene in the beginning, it was so typical for them. I love that Derek doesn’t pressure her into the big white-wedding thing and all the simple ideas they come up with. He gets her and he is fine with whatever she wants or doesn’t want. Although I wish she would have chosen to wear the ring, because what was the big thing about it, if she won’t even wear it? Anyway, I loved this scene. “We’ll get naked and get married in a field of flowers…” Yes, please, do that! *g*
But then there was Izzie in full wedding-planer mode and it was entertaining for the most part. Especially when Derek tried to talk her out of it and returns with the order to take ballroom dance lessons and Meredith trying on all these dresses. Hilarious. I’m curious to how this wedding will turn out, because it wouldn’t be Grey’s if it all worked out the way it is announced / planned now. My guess is that due to some (yet unknown) circumstances the big Mer/Der wedding will be canceled and they will get married rather spontanously in scrubs (or something similar ordinary.)

Wow, what a short review. But now I’m back to my termpaper work…

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  1. graefin says:

    I was so busy the last days that I completely forgot about Greys!! I thought about it on Thursday and just now I remembered that I forgot to dl the eposide! shame on me :). Waited for such a long time and then I forgot the whole thing.

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