My Day Off…

I think it was the right decision to voluntarily fail this one course by not handing in the paper. Or planning to not hand it in on Sunday. I literally feel like it’s not dragging me down anymore and I just realize how much it did drag me down during the past few weeks. I was so busy with studying among all other kinds of work and activities. I didn’t have the time or ease to read a magazine or a book or to watch more TV than just the 2 hours of LOST and Grey’s. I haven’t been to the west Wing since… well too long!

I still have to figure out how to get better organized in the next couple of weeks, because there is still a lot going on and the repeat exam (paper) will take some time and thought as well. But at least I don’t have to rush it anymore and I can do it properly. I also still feel bad that I let it get that far, but I’m trying to not beat me up too much about it. Because I could spend the time more useful and beating myself up isn’t useful. I’m not trying to make light of my laziness, just trying to move forward. Which meant for today that I for once didn’t worry about that course or the assignment. It meant sleeping in, spending some time with my mom (and where I still am at the moment, waiting for Bro3 to come home and to talk hockey with him). I got another Greens meeting tonight, and already so many chores lined up for tomorrow, that I actually should probably start working on those already today. But I want to spent the day doing… nothing!

I will start working (on all kinds of stuff) tomorrorow on the International Worker’s Day.:-) Later today I’m also planning to write a longer post about my graduate program and the up- and downsides of distant education. Because I’ve been writing and complaing so much about it lately. And I have to catch up on LOST. But now I first of all have to talk hockey with Bro3.

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