Even More Happy Moments…

My wall clock’s battery was running low. And I was wondering how it can be only 10.30 when it felt like much later. So I guess after watching two West Wing episodes I won’t read much longer tonight, but go to bed soon. When I thought about my happy moment of the day for the weekly happy moments post, I couldn’t decide which one to pick. So this will be the exceptional “a few happy moments in one day” post. And I will link to it in the weekly post :-)
The funny thing is, that I didn’t expected much happy moments today at all. I had to get up earlier than usual due to an early board meeting, which took longer than expected. Which lead to a stressful afternoon because a bunch (around 70) mails had to be sent today. Personalized with various different attachment, but at least similar text so I could copy&paste most of it. It still was tedious and boring work. And it took me much longer than I expected as well. And I didn’t have time for breakfast in the morning and just had some small snacks during the day. Rather not happy moments at all.

But I had to accompany my two favourites of my many bosses to said board meeting. And even though sending all these mails was boring and stupid at least I had twitter and could talk with some nice folks via that in between. That reminds me of the poll I have for all the Germans reading this. Raise your hand if you

a) know the english abbrevation “tbc” (in regard to dates or appointments)
b) have ever heard/read that abbrevation from a German speaking person
c) use it yourself.
I’d really like to know if it’s just me, that has never heard nor used it myself :-)

I was talking about happy moments… Instead of hurrying with the final task at the office to catch the 4.30 PM train back home, and prepare some dinner for myself at home, I finished these in peace, had a yummy early dinner at the Vapiano, followed by a mint caffee mocha from Starbucks and spent a relaxing train ride home with the “Written in Bone” the second Dr. Hunter thriller from Simon Beckett. I also by chance found out that Kaufhof (department store) also sells the natural cosmetics I usually buy, which makes it much easier for me to buy those. Happy moment. On the second leg of my train ride home I met a really cute and cuddly dog, with a very nice owner, with which I had a really nice talk. Happy moment.

It was also a happy moment to be able to take off my shoes at home and be barefoot for the rest of the day. The news shoes caused some ugly blisters yesterday and I had to remove the skin of that blister because it was really messed up. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen the picture. And then there was “The West Wing” later tonight. I so so love this show. Episode 4.18, “Operation Human Snooze Button”, the mystery of a melting glacier, the Francis Scott Key Key and so much more. This show is so much fun to watch. Happy, happy moments.

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