Ramblings – Part 3

But now on to the happy stuff. I wrote most of this post yesterday, so this should be quick. All the frustrating things this week once again made me realize that I spent too much time dwelling on all the “bad” stuff and that I have a hard time to let it go and move on. I’m determined to try harder though and to pay more attention to the good and happy stuff. And thus I will follow another blogger’s example with a “happy moments diary”. I won’t post these moments on a daily basis, but rather compile a post at the end of a week. I did something similar a few years back, with “Good & Bad” lists, but now I want to focus on the good and I will definitely try and note at least one happy moment every day. Today that would be

The three very nice and helpful shop assistant/waitress/barista I met in various locations this afternoon.

There were actually a lot of happy moments during the last few days, even if the “Rambling – Part 2” post might have left a different impression. I was just too busy to write about all the events properly before now. And even this will just be a short compilation of the great moments I experienced since last week. Last Wednesday I saw the new StarTrek movie with some friends and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure I would, because I don’t know much about the original series (even though I was diehard fan of StarTrek TNG in the 90ies) but I loved this movie. It was typical StarTrek stuff, but also extremly funny. And I got kind of sentimental to see the Enterprise and the bridge and was tempted to get hold of some TNG DVDs to watch some of it.

Last Thursday I saw “The Fray” in concert and enjoyed that very much as well. I loved their first album and like the 2nd one, but I’m not really good with the lyrics of either album. It was a wonderful concert nonetheless. They were supposed to play at a rather small club, which had surprised us from the beginning, and thank God I checked the club’s website once more Thursday afternoon. Because the concert was relocated to a bigger venue. It would have been very annoying if we hadn’t found out in advance, because otherwise we would have to walk back to the car (which we planned to park a few blocks away) drive to the opposite side of the town and probably would be really late. So we got there in time, found a good spot in the crowed, could enjoy the show. And almost melted, because it was so so hot inside that club.

On Sunday I was at another concert, this time it was “Livingston”, which I have seen as supporting act at the Revolverheld concert 2 years ago and we liked them a lot. Since then I kept an eye on their myspace site, newsletter, blog etc. I saw them once more as supporting act this year and had a great time, so when Livingston announced dates of their own tour, we knew we wanted to see them. And we did and we had such a blast. There was quite a crowd at the concert, even though there isn’t even an album yet (which will probably be released in the fall), only the songs on myspace and an acoustic EP. We easily found spots in the 2nd row and could enjoy the band up close. They totally rocked this place and even though I didn’t really remember any song from the show 2 years ago and therefore didn’t know any lyrics, I had a fantastic time anyway. These guys just rock! Check their website to listen to some of their songs.

After the show the guys mingled with the remaining fans and they signed stuff, were available for pictures and so easy to talk to. Really, really nice guys. I had my newly purchased EP signed by all five and my picture taken with lead singer Beukes. We also asked him how his name is pronounced correctly, because it’s Afrikaans (I guess, because he is from South Africa) He told us that the “eu” is not pronounced like “oi” but like “the German Beer” :-) That’s easy to remember, isn’t it? And he was so cute, when he was signing Heidi’s photo, because he wasn’t sure how to spell her name correctly and didn’t want to ruin the photo. So he practiced her name on the back of his hand. With an silver permanent marker. And then he even crossed off the wrong letter on the back of his hand.
Of course we had our pictures taken with him and talked for a while and he was really great. So where all the other guys, Paolo, from Italy (even though he speaks German perfectly, maybe he did grew up here with Italian parents), Jacob form Germany, Chris and Phil (from England) A very international band indeed. I’m really looking forward to their tour in the fall.

On Tuesday I saw Duplicity (I told you I was busy, didn’t I *g*) and liked that a lot. Quite a few twists and turns and of course Clive Owen is always nice to look at. But just like last week after the StarTrek movie I had a rather scary moment on the highway on my way back home. There are so many stupid and reckless idiotic drivers around at that time of the night. Well, they probably drive like that during the day as well. I realize that might have been a perfect addition to Rambling – Part 2 :-). But seriously, sometimes it’s really scary to be on the same road like these guys.

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