Finally found something to cheer me up…

I should avoid checking my bank account at the moment. A few days ago I got the last credit card bill with all the expenses of my Scotland vacation. And today I spent another 150 EUR on a whim. But I just had to, because otherwise this day and this week would have ended in such a grumpy mood again. I needed something to cheer me up!

At work I’m in charge of organizing / coordinating some smaller events which will take place in August. One of my colleagues – lets call him A – suggested I ask person B from another organization to develop part of the concept. B willingly and enthusiastically agreed to do it and I mailed him the details of the task he offered to take care of. I didn’t hear anything from him for a few days and when I called him last week, he told me, that he passed on the task to person C from yet another NGO and that C would get back to me this week. Ok…
After a few mails and messages left on mailboxes I finally managed to talk to C this afternoon, just to find out that B didn’t really brief him what the task was and that he will be away on vacation for the complete next week. Which in the end means that I have to take care of all the stuff on my own after all. I could have already worked on that during the last two weeks, but of course I counted on B + C to keep the promise to take care of this stuff.
What really really pissed me off though was that when I informed colleague A about the whole back and forth, he just told me, that this was person B’s typical behaviour: promising to do something but not following through but pass the job on to somebody else. Hello ?!?! You suggested to ask B for help. You could have also told me that nothing would come from it. Actually you could have just not suggested B as help in the first place and I would have taken care of the stuff on my own. So f*cking unbelievable!

I was understandable in a bad mood this afternoon. Adding to that was that my cellphone finally stopped being a decent mp3 player. I’ve been using my phone as mp3 player for a very long time now, ever since my phones started to be much better music player than the rather simple (and cheap) stand-alone mp3 players I owned before. These didn’t allow to shuffle or to resume a song, after switching off the player and all. Plus I liked to just have to carry one phone/player around in my bag instead of two.
The headphone port of my phone started to break down a few months ago. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I will get a new phone at the end of the year and thought I can live with a stubborn port. But a few days ago I dropped my phone and since then I couldn’t turn it off, which worried me a bit. So this morning – on the station’s platform waiting for my train – I decided to take out the battery in the hopes that I will be able to switch the phone off/on again. And I was. Problem solved. When I tried to listen to some music again later, I couldn’t access the memory card, where the music is stored. And the reason for that was… that the memory card was gone. It must have somehow – and I still have no idea how – fallen out of its slot, when I took out the phone’s battery. On the stations platform. So there was now chance of retrieving it. Perfect! And so so stupid on my account. So I can’t really get mad about it, because it was my own fault. I thought about just buying a new memory card, but that wouldn’t solve the whole headphone problem and I don’t know if this type of memory card will be the right one for the new phone. I don’t even know which phone I want to get yet.

So I decided to get a “real” mp3 player for a change. And then I remembered how stupid and impractical the my former mp3 players were. And I realized that I probably would have to spend some money for a decent one anyway. And then I thought, under these circumstances I could just spend a decent sum of money for a real decent one. I have to admit I didn’t even check if I would have gotten a better deal online somewhere, because I didn’t want to wait to have it delivered sometime next week. I wanted a new mp3 player now. And I wanted one which I would enjoy to look at and enjoy to handle. And I just went into town and bought it.

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3 Responses to Finally found something to cheer me up…

  1. suz says:

    Congrats, iPods are the best thing invented, probably since the invention of bodums ;) (I was going to suggest an iPod before I found out what had cost you 150 euros)
    Regradless of the fact that I have been looking for my iPod for 10 days, I’m seriously considering an iPod touch, not so much that I need it, but that I want it… They’re incredibly sexy things! Though I don’t like the iPod nano 3G as compared to 2G’s design, but what the heck, ey!

  2. liljan98 says:

    not so much that I need it, but that I want it…

    That was exactly my thought once I stood in front of all the mp3 player at Saturn. I didn’t necessarily need an iPod, I just wanted it so badly. Once I stood there and had touched it. Oh, well…
    The iPod touch looked very tempting as well, but I could stop myself. I might buy an touchscreen phone next year, so the iPod nano had to be enough for now.

  3. suz says:

    Well, the iPod beats any mp3 player. If I didn’t have an mp3 player, the choice would be clear.

    It’s just that I have misplaced my little friend and eversince I cleaned up the flat I can’t find it anywhere… Quite mysterious!

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