My life sucks!

I want to go back to Scotland. There was sunshine and no stupid work and no health scares for my mom and I had such a great time. Back home here though… *sigh* My mom had to be hospitalized again yesterday, which of course ruined the relaxed mood I still was in from the vacation. Bro3 called me in the morning to let me know that he’d take her to the GP who sent her to the hospital. Her heart is acting up again and even though the GP didn’t think it’d be a real emergency she wanted to make sure.
And it’s not an emergency, but still has to be checked out. My mom’s bloodwork show that something’s not quite right, but the heart ultrasound and the cardiac catheterization didn’t show any serious problems within her heart. We feared that the her arteries and the bypass might already be blocked again, but that’s obviously not the case. Thank God. She doesn’t feel so bad at the moment either, but she had a really bad time yesterday morning, though this definitely has to be checked out.
The hospital she was treated before couldn’t admit her for some reason so she is in another one now. Which is probably just as good, but I don’t get there as easily with public transport. Which sucks regarding visiting and all. This all sucks anyway!

The work situation isn’t much better. I was working on several projects before I left and asked my coworkers to continue working on those and left rather details memos and reports and all. And I get back and it feels like I haven’t left, because none of the projects have really been worked on. I was hoping these were finished by the time I get back, but… no! I don’t know, maybe that was a wrong expectation. Anyway I was rather frustrated, because now i have to get back into it all. I couldn’t really concentrate much on work yesterday (with my mom in the hospital and not knowing how bad the situation really was), and even today I wasn’t really motivated. Which also frustrated me as well. Sometimes I really need someone to kick my ass and tell me to get to work! Don’t let me start writing about various other things (Greens, Grad School) which I have to work on…. I was so so happy in Scotland without all these thoughts :-)

But at least during all these I finally managed to type my short travel diary (locations, sights etc) into a proper word doc, so I’m able to remember where I was at what time :-) and to sort my photos and put together a collection to show around to friends and family. It’s still a large collection and I’ll most definitely will reduce it even worther for my ipernity account and will only show even fewer photos here. So don’t worry. And I will start with a few London and Glasgow pic in a new post, before I will take a relaxing bath and escape to the time of Jamie and Claire for a little while…

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4 Responses to My life sucks!

  1. Lindsay says:

    At least you could let go of the work junk during the vacation. I hope your mom feels better soon!

  2. liljan98 says:

    I definitely could let got of all the junk during my vacation. My mom is feeling better, thanks. What caused the heart to act up like that still has to figured out though

  3. Lindsay says:

    That’s plenty scary, ugh!

  4. liljan98 says:

    Yeah. She is doing fine at the moment and is pretty bored in the hospital :-)

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