No photo update tonight…

I promised a new round of photos, but I have to postpone this until Tuesday evening. Or maybe tomorrow during the day, if I can access my photo site from the office. Some sites are blocked and I don’t know if this one is. But there isn’t not much work to do except the usual clerical stuff. The upside of the usual summer vacation time :-)
I started to upload and tag the next batch of photos but I’m too lazy to retrieve all the photo links and write a short recap of my vacation days. I was reading “Voyager” (the 3rd book of the Outlander series) until 2 am last night, because I just couldn’t put it down. I spent most of today (well the afternoon, because I got up really really late) reading the last 110 pages, visting my mom in the hospital and using the dryer in her home for the linens I couldn’t wash at 60 °C, so the hot air in the dryer had to kill any traces of any lice on it. I think I was lucky – in the sense that my head wasn’t that infested to begin with. At least I hardly found any nits when I combed my wet hair this evening with the special louse comb. But enough of that nasty business…

I can pick up book 4, 5 and 6 of the Outlander series at the bookstore tomorrow *squee* I just hope that I’ll be able to restrict my reading to the 2 hours I spent on the train every day. And maybe some time before I go to bed. Because otherwise I won’t get anything done. Anything at all. And there are quite a few things to do. Posting photos, working on electorial stuff for my Greens, start working on the termpaper and the new course material and and and. But these novels are highly addictive, even though the storyline is flawed. Well some of it is and especially at the end of book 3 I found myself rolling my eyes several times. Some things were just too much.
On the other hand I thought some parts of the way the story is told, especially the first half of book 3, were pretty good. And of course there are Jamie and Claire, and I’m still such a big fan of this couple. Part of me is helplessly sappy romantic and Gabaldon definitely knows how to reach this part of me :-) I just love that this love is so so big that it can conquer (almost) everything and that their emotions run so deep. Which means that they love each immensly, but when they are mad at each other, they are really mad. And they yell and fight. And of course they make up in the end.
I wasn’t sure what to think of that story moved from Scotland to the West Indies for the second half of the story, but in the end, when they stranded – literally – in America – I thought it was a pretty neat idea to move the story forward and to open up new possibilities. And I can’t wait to find out what Gabaldon has in store for them in the New World :-)

I can’t find out until tomorrow though, so tonight I will spend some time with my other “ship” and watch Grey’s 2.19 for the Marathon on The Elevator Junkies maybe I’ll visit The West Wing after that. A visit I had planned to make already yesterday, but it was more interesting to accompany Jamie and Claire on their journey.

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