A short Hello from Norderney

Oh well, I guess today there is proof I’m an internet addict: I just bought a 60 minute pass for t-mobile hotspots, because there is one in the hotel I’m staying in and I brought Bro2’s laptop to start working (putting down some thoughts) for the termpaper for the class I’m currently studying and to finally start to finish writing the termpaper I failed earlier this year. I didn’t intent to go online here and I definitely won’t be checking my mails, because there will be work-stuff and local Greens stuff and that’S the distracting things I wanted to get away from for a few days. I’ve set up an auto-responder, so nobody will expect me to be online and react to their mails anyway :-)

But I might check some blogs and twitter every day and I hope it won’t take that much time from my studying. And from the relaxing part of my vacation. I already had a yummy pancake and coffee at the Milchbar and did the first walk along the beach, and enjoyed that very much. The phone picture I sent to twitpic looked a bit murky – at least it did when I checked it online from my phone (have to check that with a real online connection in a moment). It was a bit cloudy and windy, but I didn’t mind a bit, because that’s to be expected at the sea in the early fall. I haven’t really made up my mind yet, what I’m going to do tomorrow, I’ll have to check the weather forecast first. The forecast at the tourist information didn’t really seem reliable, because it had predicted different weather for today :-) And I have to find out how to get to the lighthouse and the “Weiße Düne” by bus as well. Although I probably could just ask at the tourist information tomorrorow morning.

I will definitely rent a traditional beach chair for a day, either tomorrow or on Tuesday. Buy some fruits and other food and spend the day at the beach, taking my school books and all (yes, that’s what I’m here for, partially at least) and study in a much nicer enviroment than my boring old apartement. And most important, without having to go to work or deal with other distracting stuff. There will hopefully only be the lull of the waves and the cries of the seagulls and that’s not distracting at all, that’s a wonderful background sound.

Ok, now I have to get back to my studying for a while before I will have dinner at the italian place we went to three years ago. It had great pizza then, I hope that hasn’t changed. And as I’m taking my day off from the Game On Diet today and as today would be the last day of it anyway, I can finally have pizza again without risking losing points. I ate rather healthy today so far, so I’d say pizza is allowed tonight.

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