Can't think of a decent headline for this…

I had the most relaxing vacation last week. And now just a couple of days after I got back home to my ordinary life I’m wanting to leave again, because my life is so boring and… well, unexciting. So was my vacation, but at least I relocated for that and I spend time in other surroundings and all that. One of the reasons I will take a break from the project365 for a while is that I feel that my every day life is restricted to this small and restricted part of the world, which is the same every day. The same places, the same roads, the same shops, the same just everything. I know it’s up to me to change that. To change my routine at least during my spare time. To go and visit different places. To just go and DO stuff. With all the election campaigning going on for the last few months and keeping me insanely busy I obviously forgot how to do other stuff. But there are so many things to do and places to visit, if just for an afternoon. I really should get off my lazy bum and do just that. I hopefully will on the weekend.  At least I’m planning to.

I still have to pick up working on my termpaper again. I got a good start during my vacation, but then there was the campaign and the election and having a hard time to come to terms with the outcome. And of course there also was work. And some other stuff like music and books and… :-)

I went to the “Blue October” concert in Cologne last night and had a good time. But I’m not sure I want to see them in concert again. I really like their music, I absolutely LOVE some of the songs because of the intense emotions. The singer (and songwriter) Justin is equally intense on stage and maybe too intense for my taste. I don’t know a better way to describe it. Anyway, I had a good time, but didn’t get that much sleep last night and even though I went to work an hour later than usual, I still wasn’t really awake enough to actually get some work done. Any work besides the most simple and monotonous stuff. But even that has to be done, so that’s ok ; -) One last thing about the concert: Why do people taller than 1.80m ( 6 ft) have to stand in the front rows? Why oh why? Especially in groups! *headdesk*

The new Gabaldon novel “An Echo in the Bone” is definitely the most tempting distraction to keep me away from my termpaper. It’s just so wonderful to be able to become immersed in this fictional world again and to follow the lifes of the Fraser MacKenzie Clan through the centuries. There are still a few twists in the storyline that keep me – completely good-heartedly though – rolling my eyes. Gabaldon knows how to surprise her readers, that’s for sure. Anyway I’m once again (or still) completely in love with Jamie Fraser. He is just too good to be true and such a pleasure to spend time with and I will spare you a collection of my favourite Jamie moments and quotes in this book so far, because it would be a loooong list :-)

But I also really should work a bit on my termpaper this evening as well or risk forgetting all the ideas I had during my vacation. I guess catching up with TV series and checking out new ones will have to wait a bit until I’ve finished reading this novel…

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2 Responses to Can't think of a decent headline for this…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello :)
    I was just surfing the web and ran across your site. I too, have been diagnosed with MS. I live in Maryland, USA with my husband and 4 year old son. I think your writing s terrific and cannot imagine being able to write in another language. I can’t even blog on a regular basis lol. Oh! I love Diana Gabaldon novels too. I just can’t help myself ;o) I haven’t read Echo yet, but it’s on my Christmas wishlist. I just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Be well and have a wonderful evening. Cheers!

  2. liljan98 says:

    Thanks a lot for your kind words. It’s always nice to hear from someone at the other end of the world (well not quite, but far away anyway) and to have something in common. The Outlander series is my biggest guilty pleasure, at least at the moment :-) All the best to you as well…

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