How To Spend A Saturday Night

Some of you might realize that I didn’t actually post this late at night on the 21st, but 12 hours later on the morning of the 22nd. I admit that this is cheating, but I really don’t want to mess up the look of the calendar for November and it would looked messed up if there was one blank day on it. Maybe putting up a few posts today will make up for the negligence yesterday. I was so busy with doing laundry and still getting to know my Palm Pre (I never thought smartphones can be so time consuming *g*, but I still have to figure out why my google calendar isn’t synched) and a TV marathon of “Flash Forward” with some friends. We met in the late afternoon (5 PM) so I thought I might be home before midnight to post something, but of course we decided to watch one more episode. And another one. And a last one *g* In the end we managed to watch the first 8 episodes, I’ll be watching the 9th tonight and then I’ve caught up and can put this show to my “weekly watch list” ;-) As you might have guessed: I liked it a lot.

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