Still Around (Somehow)

It seems I’m still in the phase of reevaluating what I’m actually doing here. What I want to do or should do or … whatever. I’ve had a rather busy week, and even though there office hours weren’t too busy, I still had to be there ;-) Plus there were a lot of political meetings in the afternoon / evenings. Nothing interesting to blog about though. Nothing I felt the need to write about, when I got home around 7.30 PM or later each day of the week. I didn’t want to do the “I did this and that” posts anymore anyway.
But I even felt too tired to write about any of the few more elaborated thoughts I had on any of these days. Maybe it’s the weather that’s dragging me down as well. I wouldn’t mind winter with snow and low temperatures and all. But 8 °C and rain sucks in December and doesn’t help to put me in a Christmas mood. Not at all.
I didn’t feel like taking photos for project365 this week either, because my life was so so boring and I went to all the ordinary places again and again. I’ll hope that the inspiration will get back to me in that regard at least. Otherwise it’s going to be a rather bleak month for this blog. Ugh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment…. But at least I wanted to check in here and give notice that I’m still alive ;-)

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4 Responses to Still Around (Somehow)

  1. LJ says:

    Blogs are good that way. They are around when you have a need for an outlet or just to pop in and say something that doesn’t fit into 140 characters. I blog far less since getting twitter, but do love it for the bigger posting needs – even if I sometimes go months without a post.

  2. steffi says:

    dann sollten wir bald einen termin für die mond-beguckung im gasometer ausmachen, damit hier etwas leben in die bude kommt! am besten nach dem 18.12. dann bin ich aus wien wieder da. wie wärs?

  3. liljan98 says:

    Gerne! Ist ja nicht so, dass ich nix “erlebe”, aber meist bin ich dann zu unmotiviert hinterher drüber zu bloggen. Wie wär’s mit dem 22.? Oder die Woche zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr oder bist du dann nicht im Ruhrgebiet? Oder irgendwann am Wochenende 9./10. Januar?

  4. steffi says:

    gerne der 22. oder auch zw weihnachten und neujahr. 9/10 ist die eröffnung von der kulturhauptstadt, da gibts das bürgerfest auf zollverein, das ist sicher dortmehr zu sehen. wobei ich nicht weiß, ob ich da dienstlich oder privat sein werde…

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