Grey's Anatomy 6.14 – Valentine's Day Massacre"

Wow. Yet another very enjoyable episode… I almost can’t believe it myself. Still not as good as the early seasons, but still enjoyable. I have gotten used to having to watch at least one storyline which doesn’t interest me at all. But at least it never reaches the Dead Denny Sex level, so basically everything’s fine.

Richard Webber was nowhere in sight! Did I miss him? Not at all. He could stay in rehab till the end of the show for all I care. But I guess he’ll return sooner or later to relieve Derek from the burden of being chief.

I’m so so happy, that Sloan Baby storyline is over. At least I hope it is. I still can’t really put my finger on what bothered me most in this story. I think it probably is the fact, that I just don’t buy the whole “caring dad” act. I’m sorry, but I just can’t. I honestly had a hard time to get used to Mark in the first place, because even though he provided a lot of funny lines and some eye-candy, he was such a shallow and mean character in the beginning. I never understood how Derek could be best friends with him. Mark changed over the years and the writers explain that with finally growing up and being mature and all. And I get that to some extent. But I just don’t see him as the caring dad as much as I try to do so. I didn’t really understand Callie’s behaviour throughout this story either. I actually cringed when I saw the huge smile on her face when she offered to raise the baby and announced that they were good people. It seemed so fake. Which it definitely wasn’t meant to seem like, but it just did to me.
So I’m happy Sloan Sloan left Seattle again and I hope she won’t come back. I understand the intention of the writers to bring her in in the first place (give Mark a storyline, show some more depth), but it just didn’t work for me. I have to admit that for the first time I had some sympathy for the girl, because I somehow understood why she made her decision to give the baby to complete strangers. It was kind of sad, when she explained it, but I somehow understood her anyway.

I didn’t like the addition of four new residents to the cast, but I have to admit that I don’t mind their presence that much anymore. But that only applies to Jackson Avery and the returned April Kepner (Kepler?). The pixie who drooled over Alex and the other guy whose name I still don’t (want to) remember could join Richard Webber in the nirvana of whereever. Avery is growing on me actually, because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he too is eye-candy. I loved the scene with Lexie, when he lists all the couples and ends with “I wonder how you got any work done…” LOL. So spot on. I also liked Lexie’s “he left me lying in dirty dishwater” metaphor.
I’m not sure if I agree with Avery’s assessment of Lexie though. Is she really as mousey as he says she is? There were a few moments in the former season when she stepped up and went after what she wanted (“Teach me!” or when she didn’t let Mer push her away in the beginning). But of course it never hurts to see a bit more of her bad-ass side. The Lexie/Mark moment was so typical Mark. The good old Mark, I used to know in the early seasons. I’m not sure what to think of the Lexie/Alex rebound sex. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where that goes. When they groped each other in the supply closet I almost expected Alex to accidently call her Izzie *g*

The head waiter and the married woman story line was a bit boring to me, but of course it all served a greater purpose – to have Meredith reevalute her decision to get married and to make the choice to be a wife with all the responisbilites comes with that. And of course this patients’ story provided us with lot of Meredith/Alex interaction and I just LOVE their friendship. They had so many great scenes together. My favourite probably were the ones when Derek’s temporary assistent ;-) came along to deliver messages from Chief Shepherd. And I learned a new word: “flunky”. Never heard that before, but I like the sound of it. Yes, I’m a linguistic nerd sometimes. Like I mentioned before, I actually enjoyed seeing the over-eager April again. She was adorable. Slightly annoying, but adorable. And of course I loved her scenes with Derek as well.

Derek probably really should have been more careful what he wished for. Just like last week I enjoyed to see him struggle to fill out this position, which he always wanted to fill. When all the trauma cases came into the ER you could see how much he just wanted to start some surgery to help and save these patients. He didn’t want to go out and talk to the press. So I’m sure that he will step back down once Webber returns. And that’s ok with me, I want my Derek to be happy *g* But I have to admit that i got a kick of the staff adressing him with Chief Shepherd and how he put on his jacket and went out to face the press. Determined and very chief-like.

I start to really like Teddy again, now that she stopped pining so openly for Owen. I definitely admire her directness and her way of addressing the problem. And she deserves to get her best friend back. I don’t believe you can take something like “I love you” back, but I like that she is willing to try.

The one thing I wondered about during this episode: Did Arizona really not have anything else to do :-)? She could have at least offered to assist in the surgery instead of just observing and “helping”. But that’s basically just an insignificant detail. I loved the whole Bailey & Ben storyline. Totally loved it. It was so hilarious to see Bailey all flustered and nervous. It was such a change from the “Nazi”. I already know she is an emotional person who is just good at hiding it. So it was fun to see her unable to hide it. I loved their scene at the OR board… “If you want, I’ll show up… and  try to talk”. Hilarious.

The double date attempt in the beginning was a great idea and I totally loved all the Meredith/Derek scenes. I can’t say it often enough, I enjoy seeing them together and dealing with all the ordinary stuff you have to deal with as a couple. It was interesting to see the former dark & twisty Meredith slowly growing into the “happy wife” role: from the initial shock when April first called her “Mrs. Shepherd” to the moment, when she handed over the heart surgery to Cristina and all up to show up at the brunch. Very wife-ly thing to do. And of course the last scene in the car was hilarious as well. I love my everyday, happy Mer/Der.

I’d say all the Meredith and Derek and MerDer moments made up for the strange Mark storyline and made this episode all in all a very enjoyable one.

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