IV 3 & Sleepless Nights

This time around I don’t suffer too severly from the IV sideffects on the first two days, but today another sideffect set in full force. I’m so so hungry and could eat constantly. And not necessarily healthy, fat-reduced, sugarfree stuff *sigh* I also still don’t get much sleep, which of course is also due to the Olympics and the first game of the German hockey team. I HAD to watch that last night, in the middle of the night. And even though fell asleep around 11.30 pm, I didn’t feel too tired (or even guilty for being so irresponsible) to get up at 1.30 am again to watch the game. It was worth it and it kept me wide awake. Well, that and the meds of course :-) The Swedes are playing in a different league, they won gold in 2006, and are always among the top 3 at international tournaments. But my team played surprisingly well and put up a great fight. And they only lost 0:2, which is not bad at all. I went back to bed around 4 am and still was wide awake again around 6.15. Ugh!

Even though my body isn’t activly lacking sleep (if that makes any sense at all) I WANT to get some more sleep, because I believe it would be the reasonable and healthy thing to do. And I did try to this afternoon. I got home around 1.15 PM, did some stuff for job #2, but went to bed around 2.30 pm to catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately I didn’ manage to, whatever I tried to actually fall asleep. Listening to “Die ???” (radio drama) episodes, like I loved to to when I was sick as a child. Didn’t work. Wearing an eymask to keep the light out, because my blinds don’t work that well during daytime. Didn’t work.
Around 4.30 pm and after just laying and resting and maybe some dozing I gave up and get back up to at least try to spend the day more productive. Cleaning the dishes, ironing a large stack of clothes and watching the Olympics (of course). I still haven’t watch LOST and probably won’t manage to do that before Saturday afternoon, depending on how much sleep I get tonight. Maybe I still won’t be able to sleep much and will watch it in the early morning hours :-)

I have to head to the office tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t be able to try to get some rest then either. I have no idea how to get through the rest of the week :-( But at least I think the IVs are working. Or maybe I’m just imagining it? It’s not easy to actually keep track and pay so close attention to your body, when you are tired and your senses are a bit messed up because of the meds in your bloodstream.

And now updating some apps on my Palm Pre don’t work as planned, so I should take care of that, before I’ll start another attempt to get some sleep…

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