Grey's Anatomy 6.16 – "Perfect Little Accident"

It seems really hard to wean me off Grey’s Anatomy :-) I still want to watch and review it first thing on a Friday morning. But more often than not the episode leaves me bored and not moved in any way and I don’t feel the urge to write a long post about how awesome that one story was and how brilliant that other dialogue and so on. The latest episode didn’t make me cringe as much as others before. It didn’t keep me overly interested in any storyline either. Gathering my thoughts for a review feels like more work than it used to. I still don’t want to give up writing a review *sigh* Maybe it’s my way of mourning the show it once was and probably never again will be…

Mark is a hypocrite. Period. And I’m actually already bored with this storyline. Probably because I never bought the whole transformation to the “deep feelings kind of guy” thing in the first place. I liked him and Lexie together, but for me it obviously just worked as long as they didn’t try to make Mark less shallow than he always has been.
Lexie on the other hand has never been a “no feeling kind of girl” and never will be. She might try to be as badass as she likes, she still will always feel really really bad about being caught in the act (almost) by Mark. I’m not sure if I want her to change and actually be more badass or if I just want her to be the good old Lexie again. I loved the scene in the beginning with Meredith and Meredith was so right about it. Any kind of Alex/Lexie relationship (feelings involved or not) are going to end in a disaster, I think.
Another thing that bothered me was Mark’s patient, the woman who turned deaf. Why on earth didn’t she or her daughter consult a doctor about that in the first place? If it was such an easy thing to fix surgically. Some doctor should have caught that earlier, but it just seemed that they never went to a doctor. Anyway, the whole storyline didn’t make much sense to me.

Two weeks ago I was so happy that Teddy obviously was starting to get over Owen, but now she’s back to the staring. It’s getting really old. I like seeing Cristina and Teddy interact , because these are two strong women who can only benefit from each other. But I still also really want this whole storyline to move forward. Let Owen have a weak moment and have sex with Teddy. Anything to get over the stalled triangle they are in at the moment.

Am I the only one who always thought that the Harper Avery Award was named after two men, a Dr. Harper and a Dr. Avery and that both had passed away a loooooong time ago *g*? I don’t even know why I thought that, but I did and so I was baffled to see the one Dr. Harper Avery at SGH. There were a few good scenes with this whole storyline, but all in all it just felt totally off to me. Probably because I really really don’t care about the backstory of any of the Mercy Westers. I just don’t want to know anything about their grandparents or familiar problems. I actually enjoyed seeing Meredith reflect on her history with her mother, but all in all, even that is old news by now. She doesn’t have mommy issues anymore, so there isn’t actually need to bring it up.

I usually love Arizona, but the whole “I’m an awesome friend” / girls night idea was so over the top. Even though I loved what they did for girls night, because it was such a nice reminder of when the guys took the girls out to hit some balls earlier this season. I also had problems with her jealous streak, but that’s probably due to the fact, that the whole Callie/Alex revelation from the episode before, felt completly out of character and canon to me in the first place.

Besides the girls night moment  were a few more things I enjoyed. First of all: Derek being chief.I like the way he handles things, even though he allowed Old Avery to take charge in his hospital for half a day. It’s completely human to be impressed and intimated by a surgical hero like that. But Derek came around and I loved how he took charge in the end: “That is how a chief does things. Take note!”
He also was cute in the scene with Meredith, when he was worried about his looks. I really enjoyed their (and Cristinas) banter about “Ellis Grey’s daughter”. I also loved to see the special Mer/Cris friendship again. They totally get each other and know how to cheer each other up, even though it involved embarrassing your little sister. “She’s having a bad day. Be generous.” LOL I also loved their scene in the end: “My heart lives in my scalpel!” So typical Cristina.

So….the episode had a few really good moments, but all in all, it was another one of the ok (or not even quite) episodes recently *sigh*

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2 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 6.16 – "Perfect Little Accident"

  1. Lillibelle says:

    This episode left me untouched, too. The Harper-Avery-Prize – well, I didn’t think it were two doctors, but I join you in the long-dead-and-gone-thinking. And I wondered why he didn’t know that Ellis Greys was not any longer at the hospital. Apparently she was away some time, so he should have heard (well, so I think).

  2. LJ says:

    I too figured it was the two dead doctors award!

    But also yeah, just ho-hum. The show is stagnant, and dull. Instead of storylines that run over time that connects us deeper to the characters we love, we get trite attempts to MAKE! US! LOVE! LEXIE! or give a crap about the Chief’s pain. The issue is that even if they had a good storyline at this point, it wouldn’t be something we could follow over time – it’d be relegated to the episode and then done.

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