Grey's Anatomy 6.17 – "Push"

Another episode that neither bored or annoyed me. I actually kind of liked it. I really really have lowered my standards, it’s pathetic. I also don’t feel like writing lengthy reviews anymore…

I miss patients’ storylines that I can relate to or that move me in some way. The cancer patient story was sad and I felt for her and her husband but I didn’t really care about the other two patient stories.

The whole story about Bailey and her third date with Ben was very entertaining for the most part. But I really wish they would have cut some of the “Bailey and her surgical field” moments. I’m not a prude or anything, but the whole issue just wasn’t funny enough to be dealt with in such length. But in general I loved to see Bailey having to ask for some relationship advice and how hesitant and insecure she was about the whole dating thing. I also love that Ben doesn’t get scared easily and that he knows how to call her out on her behaviour. You don’t lecture your date!

I enjoyed the competition between Owen and Webber and especially Cristina’s part in it. She always has been a surgical junkie, willing to sell out her boyfriend and her person for an awesome surgery. But I still like her lot! The way she dragged Jackson into it and the banter between them in the end was hilarious.

Webber might be on his way to redeem himself a tiny bit, but I still don’t like him very much. I’m curious to see if he and Derek will really clash sooner or later. Right now Webber tries to be nice and humbled and all, but Derek took his job and at the moment is still trying to figure out how to actually be chief. There is now way Webber will sit back and just watch that. I don’t think he became that kind of a bigger person through rehab. So this dynamic is going to be interesting to watch in the next few episodes.

Not sure what to think of the Callie/Arizona story. I enjoyed both of their moments with everyone else, because I like both of them. But it seems there might be trouble in paradise, now that they’ve realized that they might not think as alike as they thought and hoped they did.

I never took Alex for the cowering type, but it looks like he really is intimdated by Mark. Wow! I have to admit I’m not sure what to think of Alex’s storylines (or better the lack of one) at the moment. Thank God there are spoilers that indicate that he might get a bigger storyline in a future episode. Lexie’s breakdown was inevitable and predictable, so there isn’t much left to say. I’m not sure where her story is headed.

It might come as a surprise, but I actually enjoyed Mark’s storyline. I’m not sure I like where it’s headed or if it really is headed that way (Mark/Teddy), but at least this week his actions made some sense to me. He was a much more dimensional character than last week, where he just yelled at Alex and was moping around. I liked that we got some more character insight (even if it was just by Callie) on the one hand, but on the other hand womanizer Mark with all his terrible pick-up-lines is back. At least it has always been fun to watch him. “Date like a grown-up? I don’t even know what that means…”. LOL I still have trouble to believe he really did change that much and that he really wants a wife and kids, but I enjoyed to see him try. And who knows, maybe it will also help Teddy to interact outside the hospital with men who are not Owen. But I’m afraid the whole thing will rather lead to Owen making a move on Teddy and the whole triangle drama will enfold.

Which brings me to Meredith and how she was threatening Owen. Awww, that’s what a “person” does. I liked the casual way in which she explained to Owen that he better not mess this up. I also liked Meredith’s scenes with Cristina (in the cafeteria etc). but I usually like to see them together, so that wasn’t an exception.

All in all. Solid season 6 episode. Not more, but nothing less…

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