Spring Fatigue (or something…)

It seems like my body (and mind) still haven’t adjusted to daylight saving time. Plus I’m kind of busy again in my spare time. So I’m tired all the time even though I go to bed at least around midnight (which actually is just 11 p.m.) *yawn*
One more day to work and then I can sleep in for three whole days. Yay! I’m supposed to volunteer at Ruhr.2010 on Eastermonday morning, on but haven’t gotten any details yet. So maybe this will shift be cancelled as well? Wouldn’t be too disappointed, because I can really use the sleep.

Work is rather slow at the moment, like it always is around holidays and school vacations. Good time to order some of the stack of papers and files and to work on some of the not-urgent assignments. But as they are not urgent, I’m rather tempted to not hurry too much with these at the moment either. There a couple of other things you can do with a computer and internet-access, right ;-)?

I’m leaving for London next Thursday and right now I’m in the process of completely re-scheduling all the things I want to do. Well, not all the things, because some are booked and paid for, but a lot of the other stuff on my “wanna do” list. And I’ll probably re-schedule again once I’m there and it’s raining or something. But I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. I really, really need some change of scenery!

On the last two days I tried to find two inner-city cache near my office. The geocaching app on my Palm seems to be working ok (as good as a simple GPS can work within the city center surrounded by tall buildings and all). I always got to the location all right, especially as the hints or the map on the internet were rather clear ;-). But once I got there I had no idea what to look for. I didn’t see any item that could have been the cache. Or maybe I’ve just been too unperceptive to see it? These caches were all micro-caches (small items), so the next time should go for a normal one somewhere in the countryside and maybe then I’ll be able to actually find it. Depending on the weather I might try that on the weekend.
I actually should use the Easter weekend to start working on the termpaper, I still have to write. Again. Or not again… for the first time really, but it’s the second attempt and the deadline is the end of September. Really really can not let that slide again.

I watched “The Blind Side” yesterday and liked it, even though I wouldn’t say that Sandra Bullock’s performance deserved an Oscar. She wasn’t bad, not at all, but her acting wasn’t anything extraordinary, was it?
I still have to catch up with last week’s “Flash Forward” and this week’s episodes of “my” TV shows. No idea when I will get around to do that. Tomorrow probably, because that’s the first day this week I haven’t planned anything else. Regarding some other TV show – “Grey’s Anatomy”: I absolutely enjoyed the sneak peaks this time and am really looking forward to this episode. After the disastrous episode last week it can only get better. I hope. But I’m such a big fan of the Mer/Alex friendship and I always enjoy to see them interact and be there for each other. So this alone must be nice to watch this week. And the scene in the bathroom is such a great moment. Like in good old times.

The season 6 premiere is on German TV at the moment, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching. I’ve run a bath and I really should get into the tub now before the water gets cold again. I know what happens in these episodes, why should I want to watch that again dubbed in German? Old habits, I guess…

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