Grey's Anatomy 6.20 – "Hook, Line and Sinner"

I’m pretty sure that ever since I’ve become a Grey’s fan in 2006 I read about 7-years contracts of Ellen and Patrick and back then I thought 7 seasons are a long time and that I’d be happy if they actually both fulfilled these contracts till the end. Now all of a sudden at the end of season 6 I read that it had been 8-years-contracts from the start and that neither will leave after a season 7.
And my first thought with all of this was: TWO more years of this show? Really? Do I really have want to watch this show for two more years? Rethorical question, obviously, because it’s up to me if I keep watching or just drop it. No one is forcing me to keep watching. Well, no one except the hotness of Derek Shepherd and the cuteness of Meredith Grey and the fact that I spent four years of my TV viewer life to see these two get together for good and I want to enjoy seeing them enjoy their relationship. But the writers are really not making it easy for me…

After the rather entertaining episode with Alex’ brother I was looking forward to this new episode after the 3-week-break. And it had it’s cute and funny and interesting moments. Like…10 out of 50. Or how many scenes there were in this episode. But episode after episode I find myself more and more indifferent to most of the storylines and characters. I just do not care (anymore) about who Owen will choose if he has to choose. I absolutely do not care about Sloan’s baby. Manwhoring shallow Mark in season 3 and 4 was a jerk most of the time, but he was hilariously entertaining. This one? *yawn* I still just don’t buy these deep emotions, no matter how much stuff he’ll smash in the chief’s office. Might also be due to the fact, that I don’t think Eric Dane is the actor to pull this off, sorry!

I have to admit I’m really getting tired of the Callie/Arizona baby dilemma as well. I guess they are heading for a break up, which makes me sad, because I actually liked them together. But I also can understand Arizona. She just doesn’t want kids of her own. I get that.
What else was there going on? The patients from the fishing boat? Ugh, once again patients I just didn’t care about, probably because we really didn’t get to know them. I enjoyed the Lexie/Alex interaction for the most part, not so much enjoying Alex being an ass, because I don’t quite understand why he treats Lexie like this. He’s having sex with her and they are kind of friends, so what’s up with him? Scared to fall in love again? Maybe… Anyhow I liked how Lexie stood up to him in the end and of course how Bailey helped her with it. Oh, Bailey… taking the bet if it was an accident or attempted murder ;-)

As much as I usually like to see Cristina embarassingly sucking up to cardio gods, it’s getting a bit old. But I absolutely loved the “she’s a groupie” and “do you think she’ll drool on him?” comments. Hilarious. Derek is once again struggeling in his job and I actually enjoyed seeing that. Not because I want to see him struggle, just because it makes him more human. He’s not perfect and he has his flaws. I even liked the last scene with Richard Webber when the question of loyalty towards your colleagues came up. I thought “Ouch, wrong topic for those two” and it obviously was. Derek should have realized that for a teaching hospital a teaching head of cardio would be the much better than someone who just does it all on his own. Derek still has a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to the showdown between him and Webber in the finale, because I’m sure that’s where this all is heading. I just hope that he knows where his loyalties lie in his private life, but I’m pretty sure he does ;-)

April Keppner was a bit annoying with her infatuation, but it also was quite entertaining, now that Meredith found out about it. I love Jackson Avery by the way and I really really hope he will stay on for season 7. Unfortunately I’ve already read some other spoilers involving other Mercy Westers, which means at least one other will probably stay on for season 7 as well. Ugh.
So it’s no surprise that besides the conference room rendevous of Chief and Mrs. Shepherd *g*, my favourite scene was the lunch in the cafteria. Vintage Grey’s, even though there are only three of the five interns present. But it was so much fun to watch: “Besides, lovestruck interns are not Derek’s thing… Anymore.” – “I WAS a lovestruck intern. It IS his thing” :-)

Maybe instead of watching rather boring (to me) new episodes I should get the season 1-3 DVDs from the shelf and start watching those again…

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3 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 6.20 – "Hook, Line and Sinner"

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve got to respectfully disagree on the watching them enjoy their relationship thing. As much as I love Meredith and Derek, they are boring to me when they are all happy shiny in love. My favorite season will always be 2 because they were so hot with all of their stolen glances, jealousy, and the hot exam room sex.

    I think that’s why I enjoyed this episode, there wasn’t so much happy togetherness, but there was the two of them getting horizontal where they shouldn’t be…

  2. liljan98 says:

    LOL. I’m a bit torn about the happy vs angsty relationship stuff. I loved the angsty in season 2, but in the end I think I enjoy the happy stuff more. Even though I admit that it can be (and has been sometimes) a bit boring when they don’t have any more relationship storyline than being happy. If you know what I mean… But horizontal is nice to watch when and wherever :-)

  3. LJ says:

    I’m with you, my dear, I thought the episode was dullsville. I just am not invested in the characters that they continue to push on us. Basically, if they can’t take the time to tell the stories of the people they HAVE sold me on, what hope do I have if I chose to invest in these new people? I just don’t have the emotional energy to care for them.

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