Grey's Anatomy 6.22 – "Shiny, Happy People"

One week till the season finale and better late than never the show seems to get it’s groove back. Two enjoyable episodes in a row. Wow, what a lovely surprise :-)

This definitely was one of the better episodes this season, well balanced and once again with nice patients, who I could care about. Well, not necessarily the two burn victims, because I felt strangly unmoved by their story. Maybe it was the “we don’t cry or show any emotions” attitude of one of them, which let me not feel any emotions :-) But I loved Betty and Henry! Yes, it was slightly over the top romantic, with the romantic music playing when they told their story and all, but it was cute. He was cute, and I usually don’t say that about 75 year old guys ;-) It was nice to see how different the hospital staff reacted to this love story: unromantic Cristina and in contrast Lexie and Callie, who got all wrapped up in this lovestory. It was so funny, when she used the Betty and Henry example to make Mark talk to Lexie again, and Mark had no idea what she was talking about…

Talking about Mark and Lexie: I’m still not sure if I want them to get back together or not. I honestly never have been Mark’s biggest fan and even though I liked them as a couple, I’m not sure if I need them to be a couple again. I love Alex and I like Lexie and Alex together, but as much as I might secretly ship them, I don’t think they are meant for each other either. Because Lexie is so clearly not over Mark and Alex isn’t really into Lexie, but just wants to give “nice and normal” a try. Legitimite reasons in a way, but I don’t think it’s going to work. But at least Alex won’t be heartbroken, if it doesn’t. At least I hope he won’t, because he had his heart broken a few times already.
Just like last week I very much enjoyed seeing Alex as the kick-ass surgeon, that he had become. Who would have thought that “Evil Spawn” would one day care so much about his patients and be their advocate and even stand up to his attending and the chief. I’m also always fascinated with which rare medical conditions the writers (or medical researchers) come up with. Having to hear all the sound from within your body plus the outside sound magnified? No wonder this girl seemed to have gone crazy. But fortunately Alex “knows crazy”. He really was awesome in this episode. The talk about “being a duck” was sucha typical Alex/Mer friendship scene, which I always is a win for any episode. And I love the “It’s like the computer froze!” remark, when Lexie(pedia) couldn’t remember the journal’s title.

Am I the only one who always saw Bailey as a kind of asexual person? Even though she was married and had a child, the idea of Bailey having sex… just feels wrong. So so wrong *g* But I loved Ben in this scene, the guy sure knows how to take initative. I think I read somewhere that the actor signed on for another show, so I was surprised to see him back on Grey’s after all. I fear that we won’t see him next season though (if the thing about the other acting job was true) and the finale might provide enough reasons for his departure from the show. The singing in the elevator in the morning after seemed a bit forced to me, but Mark’s and Derek’s reaction was so worth it. “Go Bailey!” – “Indeed.” LOL

I honestly don’t care that much about Callie and Arizona anymore, but I have to admit I’m still a bit curious how this relationship will play out and what will happen to them in the finale. Will one of them change her mind about the children issue? The relationship in the center of this episode was Cristina / Owen and I somehow wish they would just end it for real already. It feels like it’s been dragging on an on, but maybe it just feels like that to me, because I’m not a huge fan of Owen (rather the opposite by now). Instead of dealing with the confusing feelings he might have for Teddy, he wants to take the next step and move in with Cristina. Like that’s going to help and make the feelings for Teddy go away. And he lost the last ounce of respect I still might have had for him, when he stated that he doesn’t need to explain himself to Cristina. Dude, yes you do! Very much so…
Maybe I also think this is dragging on because I wish Cristina would just hook up with Jackson already. Seriously woman, there is a hot, nice, normal, uncomplicated guy who obviously likes you. Get rid of crazy McArmy. Oh well, if life were so simple. Because the fact is, that Cristina loves Owen and of course she wants to be with him and move in with him and all. Especially after all they already have been through in their relationship. She deserves some happiness and I understand why she wants to take the next step with Owen. But then there is Meredith planting doubts.
Meredith is in a really tight spot here. She cares about Cristina and she wants to protect her from getting hurt, but of course she can’t say any more than she did, because of her loyalty to Derek. I have no idea what I would have done if I were her. It was the right thing to talk directly to Owen and maybe she should have done that much earlier, before she told Cristina.
I liked the scene in the scrub room, because for the first time she admits that things have changed and that her marriage is just as important as her friendship with Cristina. I remember a time, where Cristina was more important than Derek and that always bugged me. But Meredith has grown up. Which doesn’t mean that she won’t always have a room for Cristina, even in the house in the woods. And I think Cristina has accepted Derek at Meredith side as well, at least it seemed to me that she looked to Derek (and silently asked permission) before she entered the room. And the bed.

I really enjoyed all the other MerDer scenes in this episode. Giving a party at her house, which obviously became his house in the meantime. They are married after all, even though it’s just a post-it-marriage ;-) And more importantly they are building their dreamhouse. Actually already have started building it, like it was mentioned rather off-handedly when the guys looked at the house plans. They broke ground the day Derek was named chief. Which was some time ago. I think it’s going to be quite a change if Meredith and Derek will actually live in the new house in the woods and not in the townhouse anymore. Who is going to move into that? Alex is already living there. Lexie might still live there, but maybe she’ll move in with Mark again. Will Cristina and Callie end their co-habitation and one of them move into the townhouse? It’s going to be interesting… If, in fact, the house in the woods will be finished before season 7 is over.
My favourite MerDer moment was the one on the hospital floor though, when Mer told him she hates his job. Say it a few more times and he will hate it too! (Or he will hate that you hate it and as he wants to make you happy he will quit… or something). The “Wanna hug?” – “Yeah!” was really cute. I just love happy MerDer.

Judging from the promos and sneaks and spoilers about the finale, it’s going to be intense. I’m not sure what to think will happen besides the few things that are already quite certain. I know that it’s probably going to a be rollercoaster ride. Even if there will be casulaties and possible character death, I don’t think it will be one of the main or semi main-characters. I’m sure we can count on all of our beloved characters still being there in season 7 as well. It’s not like any actor desperately wants off the show and thus has to be killed off, does it? And after all it’s Grey’s Anatomy and not LOST, where you never could be sure that every main and/or favourite characters survives each new season…

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2 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 6.22 – "Shiny, Happy People"

  1. lisa says:

    I’m getting so tired of the writers beating us over the heads with the Cristina/Owen/Teddy thing. We get it, Owen is conflicted!

    Bailey having sex was SO AWKWARD. We should not see Bailey and anything resembling sex. I know she was married and has a kid and all, but still. We don’t have to SEE her getting romantic on the couch with candles all around. Creepy!

  2. liljan98 says:

    Sooo sooo awkward. Creepy is the right word. It felt just as wrong as the scene of Richard and Adele in post-sex bliss in the montage at the end of season 4 (?) finale.

    I’m so so over Owen’s turmoil. Especially as it hasn’t been consistent. His PTSD wasn’t mentioned for half a season and suddenly it’s full back on and all. Meh.

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