My "Date" with Ovechkin ;-)

I’m back from Cologne and from the best game I’ve seen from the German icehockey team in a loooooong time. Probably the best I’ve ever watched. At least the best I’ve watched at a hockey rink and not on TV. Our team was so so so amazing. They fought and never gave up, they hardly made any mistakes and they really seemed like a team, whose members know each others moves and it all just fit. I was so proud of our boys after the game!
Ok, they lost the game, but instead of the expected 0:8 result it was a tight 2:3. Against Russia! A team with quite a few of the big NHL stars among them. Varlamov. Kovalchuk. Federov. Semin And of course Ovechkin. I was really looking forward to see him play on the ice just a few metres away from me. He was In motion most of the time, so I couldn’t really take any decent pictures. But at least I managed to snap one of his backside during the warm up ;-)

He wasn’t on the ice as much as I had hoped for, and he didn’t seem that superior all of the time. But of course he had his brilliant moments, which left me in awe. Not many moments, but there were moments. And of course he scored one goal against us :-)

I was surprised to see so many Russian fans at the game and they made so much noise. Especially during the team presentation when Kovalchuk and of course Ovechkin were introduced. Or every other time when he had the puck and skated towards the German goal. If Alexander Ovechkin ever set his mind to become the Russian prime minster, president or even tzar they would probably welcome him with open arms and let him have his way with them. I honestly never have experienced that kind of sportsman worship :-) And I can’t even exempt myself from that…
Bro3’s girlfriend asked me yesterday if we could take her 18year old nephew and his friend under our wings, because those boys (hockey players themselves) had tickets as well, but have never been at this arena before. So we let them follow us in their car, showed them around a bit and rather accidently met them again after the game in the parking lot. They had been seated close to the tunnel, through which the players would leave the ice in the end, so they got there after the game to see the players close up and take some pictures. Turned out that the nephew’s friend even managed to shake Alexander Ovechkin’s hand. And honestly… I’m a bit jealous! Oh my, such a fangirly emotion. It’s pathetic, right? It’s just a handshake. With a guy. But still… not just any guy *sigh*

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