Old and Fragile

Even though I’m only 35 years (and 25 days) old, today parts of my body feel like at least twice that age. Or even older than that, because 70 year olds nowadays usually are not old and fragile. And don’t have a hip that makes them feel like they need an artifical hip next. All right, I’m exaggerating. But it’s really really weird.

About 10 days ago I experienced some strange pain on the left side of my left upper thigh, like severe muscle soreness or a strained muscle. It passed after 2-3 days. Last night I could almost not turn around in my bed, because the movement caused nasty pain in my hip joint. And that didn’t pass all day. It didn’t get worse, but it definitely didn’t get better. I have troubles climbing steps and actually every movement of my left leg (forward, sideward) is slightly to severely painful. I’m walking around like a very old and fragile lady :-(

If it’s not better in the morning I really have to see my GP right away instead of limping to work. Getting old sucks! ;-)

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