Strange Restrictions In A Global Economy

In the 21st century all national economies are somehow irrevocably interwined with each other. We get goods from all over the world and we sent German goods all over the world. Thanks to the internet and credit cards we costumers can actually order almost anything from almost anywhere. I remember that I ordered a book via in the US and it was sent to me from Australia. Don’t ask me why. I know there are downsides to the globalization of basically everything, but I also like the upsides it has for me as a costumer. Like ordering books or DVDs from another country if these books / DVDs are not available here or were much more expensive. I ordered quite a few via Amazon UK or during the last few years.

So why on earth is it impossible for me to download a mp3 – something digital which doesn’t have to be delivered – from iTunes UK, Amazon UK, or if I want to pay for it with my German credit card ?!?!? I just don’t get it !!! Shouldn’t be these almost virtual items be available to anyone who is willing to pay for them? I probably could find it at some of the illegal sources for downloading music, but I don’t want to. I’m more than willing to pay for it. Why is there this stupid restriction about downloading songs from a shop not based in your home country? I could order the CD-single and have it shipped (and convert it to mp3 on my own later anyway), but I can’t download the mp3 in the first place? WTF?!? And don’t get me started about the whole regional code for DVD, which to me is the same crap. Seriously, we’re all connected via the internet all the time anyway, why can’t I just be able to download a song from anywhere else?

The song in question “3 Lions 2010” will be availabe as mp3 download at the German Amazon later this week and probably by then will also appear at the German iTunes store. So it’s not really a big deal and even I – as a reborn *g* Robbie Williams fan – can wait a few more days. It just bothers me on principle!

End of rant, now I’ll just listen to the 1996 version a few more times…

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3 Responses to Strange Restrictions In A Global Economy

  1. LJ says:

    I hear you on globalization. I know Mr. Badger has ordered many thinks from Europe and what not.

    An interesting phenomenon here in the States. Because of our Puritanical beginnings and state rights, there are many states where you can’t ship wine to. Mine is one. So lame.

  2. liljan98 says:

    You can’t order wine from another state? Seriously? I’m not a wine drinker myself, but I can still imagine how much that must suck for you!

  3. LJ says:

    Yeah, it’s super weird. I don’t ever order, but I wonder if I would if I could. The US has seriously weird laws.

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