Still Feeling Off

Even after three additional days at home I’m feeling slightly off. Not as much as on the weekend or Monday, but still… Every once in a while my heart still beats like a jack-hammer, even though if I’m not exerting myself at all. When I’m merely sitting or lying somewhere. Every once in a while it feels like the blood is rushing to my head and I get dizzy. Maybe the weather is playing it’s part in all of that as well. I don’t know. The neurologist practice informed me that my bloodwork came back fine, only the lipase concentration is a bit high, but I should just come and have that checked out again in 2 weeks. According to Dr. Google a high concentration of lipase can cause all kinds of symptoms, but none of the ones I’m experiencing, so it’s probably really no big deal…

I’ll be spending the afternoon at my Mom’s, where I will first of all have to prepare my very own pasta salad, because Bro#3 recently complained that I’m not doing that as often as I used to for the whole family. Well, he didn’t really complain, but he mentioned it and then my mom sent him to get all the ingredients and now I have to step up :-) But as I enjoy eating it myself, it’s quite alright. The rest of the afternoon I’ll probably lounging on the sofa or outside on my Mom’s patio, listening to part 3 of the Outlander audiobook. I’ve almost reached the part, where the people of Cranesmuir drag her to the stake. Big revelations lay ahead and I’m looking forward to Jamie’s reaction, brought to me by the voice of the wonderful Davina Porter.

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  1. LJ says:

    I’m glad your bloodwork came back okay, but sometimes that can be even more frustrating. If there’s something you can point to, you can treat it, you know? Hoping you’re feeling better in the morning.

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