Wonders of Modern Technology

Yes, I did it. I bought a UMTS USB adapter thing (whatever you call that in English. I’m sure the “german” term – surf stick – is NOT what it’s called though *g*). Anyway from now on I can not only be online everywhere with my smart phone but also with my netbook. When I want to. And the way I know me, I will want to. So little self control. * sigh* I might put it to good use in a little while and post this entry while I’m still sitting on the train back home. After a loooong day at work with an even longer meeting (why do these people have to use so many words every time *sigh again*.

Of course the meeting ended right on time to make me miss the train at 8 PM and at that time of day the one at half past isn’t running anymore, so when I reached the station I had more than 30 minutes to kill. At Starbucks of course *g* with their free wifi and everything, so at least I could catch up with some of the sites I visit regularly a few times throughout the day.
Maybe I’ll even continue to watch some more of the MerDer recaps on youtube after I’ll have posted this. Just because I can. Yes, I’m a geek. And I don’t plan on taking the netbook with me to work tomorrow, because I actually don’t need it there all the time. Just for meetings like today. And if I don’t take it I won’t be tempted to do online stuff on the train as well. At least not more stuff than I do with my smartphone anyway :-)

There are still a few more posts I want and need and should write. Photos from the latest project365 week. Which was two weeks ago, I guess. Or whenever. I stopped taking photos for a while, because I just had no idea what to take photos of, after almost a year of doing it. Especially when I’m busy with mostly mundane stuff. I already took pictures of that. I still have to write something about the Shaft Sign project of the European Capital of Culture year. And I definitely still have to write the post in which I explain why I still take issue with theĀ  end of LOST. That post might have the title: Sciene fiction vs Faith fiction. Or something like that. Maybe…
A lot of loud and annoying people just got on that train. I guess I really should get out my headphones and listen (and watch) to some season2 MerDer. I started watching the recaps from the start and last night I’ve ended with the episode in which Meredith brings Doc to trailer. Still a lot of wonderful things ahead… walks on the trail and all. And prom sex of course. Maybe I shouldn’t watch that in public, but I doubt I’ll get that far during this train ride anyway…

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  1. LJ says:

    I’m with you. I’d love to be the kind of person who didn’t always need/want to be connected. But I am. Yay for distractions at least.

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