Project365: 358 – 365 (The End…)

These last batch of photos were taken with the phone, so they are not the best quality. But they’ll do, I think. According to my gallery at ipernity, there are only 364 photos. Mmmh… I could go back and look at the title of everyone and find where I skipped a consecutive number, but I’m too lazy to do that now. The heat, you know ;-)

It took me much more than 365 days to complete this project and I have to admit it felt more like a chore quite a few times during the last month. As much fun as it was in the beginning I run out of ideas after a while. At least I’ve learned that I’ll choose my photo (or any other kind of artistic) projects more carefully from now on. Maybe just one special photo each week? Anyway here are the last ones and I totally cheated with those, because I took them all on one day. Sue me ;-)

358 bikeride 01358: Getting the bike (and me) ready for the first tour

359 bikeride 02359: Flock of sheep along the way

360 bikeride 03360: You wouldn’t think there’s a motorway really close by, would you?

361 bikeride 04361: Old moated manor house near the river

362 bikeride 05362: Castle ruins in the distance

363 bikeride 06363: At the river

364 bikeride 07364: Stop at the store to refill my water bottles

365 bikeride 08365: Cycling track on disused railways


  1. It’s actually been 1 year and 3 months because of the long breaks in between. It was cool in the beginning but it got exhausting in the last months. Hence the long breaks :-)

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