Still-Leben A 40: Party on the Highway

I promised to post a few photos from the A 40 event yesterday, when 60 km of the main highway in our metropolitan area was closed down and turned into a party location. It was amazing and so much fun to see this. Even though I only cycled on the highway for a short distance, because it got so so crowded. Just like we are used to when we drive there in our cars :-)

I was rather busy today and will be busy tomorrow, so this is just a short post and there will be a link to a few more photos @ ipernity. I’m too lazy to put them all up here.

This is what the highway looked this morning, a rather slow day, because it’s vacation time and it was after the morning rush hour.

A40 motorway on ordinary weekday

And this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon:

A40 during "Still-Leben"

More photos here
(click “show information” on the top right)

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  1. Super, der Vergleich! Die Stelzenläufer sehen auch cool aus. Ich hab von einer Brücke aus (als ich die endlich erreicht hatte!) jemanden auf einem Hochrad fotografiert, sieht man auch nicht alle Tage. Schon gar nicht auf der Autobahn :-).

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