Abstract of Week 33 & 34

|Old| Familiar feeling of being at the Stockholm University metro station.

|New| Moose (stuffed animal + pin).

|Bought| A spork, travel pillow and some souvenirs.

|Thrown Away| Already some stuff in the process of getting ready to move out.

|Started| To clean out my closets, cupboards, storage….

|Finished| Organizing a large work meeting in September.

|Planned| Some more (tiny) details of my move.

|Learned| The english term “window” originates from the swedish “vindöga” (wind + eye). [Wikipedia tells the story slightly different :-)]

|Forgot| To pack my brown socks and my travel cutlery set for my trip to Stockholm.

|Saw| The nice old alleys of Gamla Stan again.

|Thought| My oral swedish language skills are really limited.

|Said| “Tack så mycket”.

|Words| Svenska Dagbladet at breakfast at the hotel.

|Tunes| “Shame”.

|Moving Pictures| “Lord of the Rings” trilogy on SVT 3.

|Term| Trängselskatt.

|Sound| The swedish language melody.

|Sight| The Vasa.

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