I had actually started to write a long (and quite whiny, I’m afraid) blog post yesterday evening while I was sitting at the gate, waiting to board the plane to Stockholm. And when I got to the part which was the main reason for the post I realized how whiny the whole post was and how inappropriate the whining was. I was a bit ashamed about that, I have to admit. I could have continued to whine about the trip from the airport to the hotel, but I tried to remember why I shouldn’t be.

All day long yesterday I had to think of the very sad Daxenberger news. I don’t know why it moved me so much, but it did. All you Germans reading this, will probably have heard about it on the news yesterday as well or read it in the newspaper this morning. If not, just Google it. This morning here in Stockholm I even found a news report in English and the headline actually already says it all

Bavaria mourns adored Green party figure after double tragedy

There is really nothing left to say for me. Even though I’m a Green myself, I only just knew him from news or interviews and such, because I don’t live in Bavaria. But from what I’ve seen or read of and about him I liked him. I think he was one of the really good ones. Very down to earth, open and honest. I had no idea that his wife was sick as well. It’s so tragic and when I think of their children it breaks my heart. I don’t even know why this moves me so much more than equally sad stories about parents dying together in a carcrash or any other accident. But it does. It really really does.

While I was writing the first (whiny) draft of this post at the airport yesterday I started to realize how lucky I am. To have nothing more to worry about than whining about such unimportant things like the rain. Or unfriendly staff. Or expensive airport food and such. And it actually helped to get back some perspective. At least it should and I’m more than determined to get it back.

It’s still early in the day, so I guess I have enough time to catch up with mails and blogs and news sites before I’ll venture out in the rain and into the city centre.

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  1. Nat says:

    I can only agree that there are things that put everything into a different perspective and that we need that from time to time! People tend to become whiny about everything (the other day I found myself complaining that I had to walk 10 steps to the new printer *sigh*) while there are so much more serious, worde things that happen…

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