Urgh! The cold I brought back home from Stockholm got worse over night. I felt so yucky this morning that I decided to call in sick at job#1 for today and tomorrow. Yes, I know I’m blessed with a job where I can call in sick without any major problems. The upside of a boring office job. When I turned on my mobile phone I got a message from my boss at job#2. Which resulted in a very urgent assignment and me making phonecalls and writing mails and trying to organize some things instead of just going back to bed and rest and heal :-( And I will have to work on that tomorrow as well. And as I’m the only employee there is noone else who could do the work instead and it really has to be done. Now. *sigh*

I went to the grocery store and the pharmacy around noon and just the few steps between my flat, the bus stops and the stores were really tiring. I don’t have a fever though. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad sign :-) Just a stuffy head, running nose and a bad cough. While I’m typing “stuffy head” I remembered that I have everything ready for a nasal lavage, which is a nasty business, but it usually helps a lot. So maybe I should do that tonight before I go to bed. Plan for the rest of the evening until that: Dinner while watching one or two episodes of Big Bang Theory. And then going to bed early and trying to catch a lot of relaxing sleep.

I guess Stockholm trip reports and photos will have to wait for a while longer…

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4 Responses to Yuck!

  1. Hope says:

    Feel better soon!

  2. liljan98 says:

    Thank you! My stuffy head feeling is almost gone, but the cough is still troubling me.

  3. LJ says:

    I hope you got paid for a work day, or at least not charged with a sick day. Though since you aren’t in the US, they probably are much nicer about taking leave…

  4. liljan98 says:

    In general it’s no problem to take sick leave here, we get paid for the work day, whether we’re sick (and working ;-) ) or not.

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