|Prompts| for the beginning of September

|First| Set up standing order for the new flat’s monthly rent payment.

|Last| Day of procrastination (At least I hope so *g*).

|Old| My collection of moose (stuffed animals, moose made of wood, pins and such). I just can’t throw it away.

|New| Outdoor Jacket.

Lots of tea (to fight  the cold).

|Thrown Away|
Tons of crap from my storeroom.

Packing boxes with books, folders, DVDs, CDs.

Digitalizing the latest CD purchases.

To finally write the “Vasa” blog post this week.

How to use the new CMS at work.

To tell my coworker to clean the coffee mugs.

“I’m so tired of this discussion.” | “I hate this weather.” | “Moving flats is going to be a lot of work.”

“We decided to cancel, because of the heavy rain, so you can stay home.”

Textbooks about enviromental psychology.

|Moving Pictures|
The Big Bang Theory.

Sunrise Avenue, unplugged at the Zeltfestival Ruhr.

Patter of rain.

Morning mist on the river.


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2 Responses to |Prompts| for the beginning of September

  1. Hope says:

    I’m in the process of throwing things out. It’s surprisingly difficult!

  2. liljan98 says:

    I’m actually surprised how easily I manage to throw out things this time. There are still more than enough items I’ll keep, even though I probably won’t use them in the future either. But with a lot of other stuff the decision to part with it was pretty easy. Which actually was weird in itself :)

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