Getting Lost In New Hampshire

I forgot to include this story in yesterday’s post. We¬† were heading back to North Conway after the beautiful day on the roads around Mount Washington. I don’t know why we were talking about episodes 4.01 and 4.02 of “The West Wing” , in which Donna, Josh and Toby miss the campaign bus and are getting lost in Idaho (or whereever they were in the middle of nowhere in the US) while they are desperately trying to catch up with the rest of the campaign folks. We loved these episodes and we love Donna, so we continued to chat about favourite Donna moments while we were driving on. After a while we paid attention to our surroundings again and they didn’t look that familiar. And we should have reached out hotel by now anyway. We were contemplating if we were really still on the right road, when we saw the sign on the side of the road: State Line Maine. Ups! So not the right direction. Where other people maybe would have gotten frustrated or annoyed we just had a fit of hysterical laughter, because our sense of direction obviously was no better than Josh’s and Toby’s. I will never make fun of those two again :-) Luckily North Conway was just a few miles west of the state line, so all was well after all…

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  1. LJ says:

    Now that’s pretty darned funny! That’s what you get for finding a Red Sox shirt!

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