I’d say 50% of our communication today consisted of the following few words and phrases:

Oh My God! – How beautiful. – Just incredible. – So so cool! – We are so lucky to be able to see this. – Awesome! – Back home they won’t believe this! – Un-be-lievable.

And of course my favourite line of this trip: „We didn’t see (something like) that in Montreal”. But seriously, today’s trip around Mount Washington in New Hampshire can’t really put into words. Even the pictures we took won’t and can’t do the experience justice. The visual images. The light, the sound.. .everything. We seriously were out of words to describe it after a while and in the late afternoon all we could manage was a happy collective sigh :-)

The weather forecasts predicts rain for tomorrow, so we even appreciated today more. It probably can’t get any better anyway. After Nova Scotia we crossed the US border and it felt weird to go through the whole process of entering this country. I guess my photo and all my fingerprints will now be stored in some US govermental archive for eternity. Oh, well…

Once again we were so lucky to be at the right spot at the right time. Hopewell Rocks at ebb-tide, so we could walk around at the base of the rocks. On the drive further on to Acadia Nationalpark I forgot my wallet at a restroom stop. *headdesk* I realized it about 45 minutes later during a picnic stop and after a frenzy panic and trying to remember the events of the previous hours I knew I only could have left it there. But that also meant we had to drive all the way back and forth again. Luckily the wallet had been found and I could just pick it up at the cashier, but still… such a #fail moment. We arrived Acadia Nationalpark in the late afternoon and at least there still was enough light to drive the scenic trail and up to the summit of Mount Cadilac.

After a yummy breakfast at a typical American diner we headed on to New Hampshire where we stayed for two days in North Conway. Which just was our base station for the trip around Mount Washington. I’m so not the „shopping at outlets” type, so this town (which is not really a town, but just a collection of outlet malls) didn’t do anything for me. Mount Washington Valley on the other hand. Breathtaking at this time of the year with this kind of weather….

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  1. Hope says:

    Wow! I’m so jealous!

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