Feeling Off, Game On & Other Stuff

I was supposed to attend a meeting this late afternoon / early evening. Two meetings were actually scheduled around the same time, so I had to cancel one of them anyway, but then I even skipped the other meeting as well, because I was feeling soooo off all day. With a slight headache and dizzy and my blood pressure probably is somewhere below 100/50 or something. When I got home I lay down for a while and I hope that helped a bit. I will try to get enough rest tonight so that I’m back to my old self tomorrow.

About a year ago I played the “Game On!” diet game with some Grey’s Anatomy fans (thanks to internet which makes this kind of interaction even possible). I wrote about the rules of this “game” in detail last year, so I’ll skip that part in this post. I lost about 6 kg (13 lb), but after a few months this weight was back on. I know why I have a fridge magnet that says “I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me” ;-).
A few weeks ago I asked my teammate from last year if she would join me for another round and we actually planned to play on the same site we played last year, but that didn’t work out for schedule reasons mostly, because the new game started in October while I was in the process of moving and had a hectic life. We decided to challenge each other than in November and that’s what we did. Or are still doing. It’s going ok so far for me, but today throws me off a bit. I’m wondering if I’m feeling this dizzy today because I changed my eating habits early this week. Maybe my body is still craving something. (Chocolate *g*). It can’t be dehydration because I drink more than enough. Or maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but it’s just the weather. Or a bug or some thing. But today I’m using quite of few of the “Day off from rule X” passes, because it wouldn’t work out for me any other way. Enough of the whining though, I’m happy to do this challenge and to introduce some rules into my every day life. It fits to the whole “all new” situation I’m still finding myself in :-)

I will need a few more weeks to get used to this new flat, I think. The spaciousness. The many light switches and the heatings I have to turn off. In all the rooms :-) I definitely need some more furniture, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to afford it. And I still need to sort through a lot of the stacks on the shelves and unpacked little boxes and bags with various tidbits and just random stuff. I hope to do some of that on the weekend. But enough of the talking (well writing) I know some people are curious to actually see my new place. So here are some pictures…

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2 Responses to Feeling Off, Game On & Other Stuff

  1. Hope says:

    I am so envious of your ginormous bookshelves. So. Envious.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Hehehe, the bookshelves are my pride and joy. Seriously I just had two of them in the old flat and the other books on shelves whereever there was space for a shelf on the wall. THIS is so much nicer.

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